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People look to influencers for inspiration, guidance, and an example of what success looks like. The property business is no different. Certain property influencers are really making a name for themselves in 2020. 

But becoming one of the best influencers is about more than just making money. It’s about motivating others. Showing others how to succeed has helped these UK property influencers climb to the top of the success ladder.

These are the best of the best when it comes to attracting business & leads.


Samuel Leeds

samuel leedsBest selling author and international speaker, Samuel Leeds is a leading property investor and influencer of 2020. After a spiritual experience in 2007, Leeds concluded that it was his mission to use his entrepreneurial brain to achieve great things, and that’s exactly what he did in the world of real estate.

Before long, he was able to retire thanks to his successful property business. Instead of enjoying a relaxing, retired life, Leeds decided to take his knowledge and experience to help others. He founded the Training Kings network to support and inspire other Christian entrepreneurs. Today, Training Kings is a nationwide organisation with several branches in the UK.

Leed’s first book titled, Do the Possible, Watch God Do the Impossible, soared to the top of Amazon’s list of best-selling books within weeks. In his second book, titled Buy Low Rent High, he shares how he created his impressive and expansive property portfolio from the ground up. He inspires other letting agents and property investors to achieve financial freedom in just one year’s time!

With the right dedication and faith, Leeds preaches that you can achieve anything and he is living proof. Fast-forward to 2020 and Leeds is the CEO of six companies and owns over £1,000,000 worth ppof property in the UK, all while inspiring thousands of people to make smart investments and achieve financial freedom.


Sam Ashdown

sam ashdownWith over 15 years of experience, Sam Ashdown is one of the best-known estate agent marketing coaches in her industry. She has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of property marketing and management.

This includes social media, digital to direct mail. Her speciality, though, is bespoke marketing. She helps give your brand and name a voice and image. Real estate agents with a marketable personality that connects with clients are much more successful. Ashdown helps clients capitalize on their strengths and advertise not just homes but themselves as a professional, reputable agent.

If you’re a property agent seeking advice and guidance on selling or letting high-value homes, Ashdown is an expert UK property influencer. She prides herself on mentoring independent estate agents. Her lead generation plan is unmatched in the industry.

Not only does Ashdown provide estate agents with guidance and expertise, but she helps them transform their lifestyle and business with financial freedom. In 2017, Sam Ashdown and her business partner (Phil Jones), launched AshdownJones.


Henry Pryor

Henry PryorWhen it comes to UK property influencers that have the awards and recognition to back their work, look no further than Henry Pryor. Awarded the LSL Property Commentator of the Year award in 2015 and again in 2017 (no award was given in 2016), Pryor has a long history of success in property management, buying, and commentating.

A regular guest on a long list of TV and radio shows, Pryor has been coined “the BBC’s favourite property expert” and has been on television over 700 times!

For the last 10 years, Pryor has worked as a buying agent for high-end homes valued at between £500,000 and £50 million. Pryor works with all types of buyers from regular, hardworking individuals up to wealthy, famous clients. In Pryor’s long 37 year history, he’s bought and sold over 1,000 properties.

In addition to his work in the field, Pryor is very active as a commentator, providing advice and insight to other real estate professionals. You can find him regularly featured on The News Channel, BBC Breakfast, and the Today Program, just to name a few. Pryor has also been known to take his pen to paper when contributing to countless newspapers, websites, and magazines including BBC online.

With so much involvement in the world of buying and selling properties, Pryor always has his pulse on the market, making him an invaluable property influencer of 2020.


Christopher Watkin

christopher watkinA rising star in the real estate world, Christopher Watkin is an up-and-coming property influencer this year. Five years ago Watkin decided it was time to find a new way to grow as a letting agent.

It’s no secret that building an agency is hard work, and while Watkin isn’t afraid to work hard for what he wants, he created a more traditional way to attract landlords and letting agencies. With this innovative idea, Watkin created the “landlord and vendor farming” technique.

This technique is designed to help letting agents attract clients in new and innovative ways. Instead of focusing solely on brand awareness, Watkin suggests letting agents pay close attention to the unique needs of landlords in their specific areas and communities.

By tapping into these needs, agents can better serve their immediate community and demographic.

This approach also capitalizes on everyone’s natural tendency to be slightly egocentric when it comes to buying and selling property. Watkin’s theory has proven wildly successful. The best letting agents are those who contribute their knowledge and attention to the property market as a whole, instead of focusing all of their energy and marketing efforts on self-promotion.


James Dearsley

James DearsleyJames Dearsley is best known as the co-founder of Unissu, a pro-tech property investment company located in the USA. Unissu is a global leader in pro-tech information, research, and data. Unissu helps property investors navigate an influx of misinformation.

Not only was Dearsley a driving force in the creation of his wildly successful tech company, but also several other businesses. Dearsley prides himself on creating companies with a global, futuristic outlook. Unissu helps pro-tech companies connect with more customers on a global level. What does this mean for letting agents?

Technology is everywhere and if it’s not part of your property investment strategy, you’re at risk of falling behind the times. Dearsley has been the keynote speaker at numerous worldwide events, educating property investors and manager on the importance of technology and its effects on the property industry. This helps agents manage not only their current strategies but also plan for the future.

Dearsley is also the founder of TDMB, a marketing agency that helps tech firms fine-tune their marketing efforts. In a world where online letting agents are becoming more prevalent, it’s important to understand the impact that technology will have on the future of property investing and management. It’s clear that James Deasley’s expertise can help get you there.


The Best Property Influencers of 2020

There’s no better way to learn how to successfully navigate the real estate business in 2020 than looking to some of the most successful in the business. These five property influencers have enjoyed abundant success by trying unconventional approaches and building on existing ones. By taking an approach that combines each of these ideologies, you can create a well-rounded and successful real estate career.

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