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How To Decorate your Apartment Without Damaging the Walls

Everyone wants to decorate their apartment to suit their preferences – but no one wants to lose their deposit in the process.

Whether you are redecorating your beloved apartment or designing your new space at the Lakeview Village Condos, there might come a time when you need to utilize your walls for aesthetic.

To make your space feel like a home, and keep your walls intact in the process, try these damage-free decorating tips that will refresh the look of your apartment:


adhesive hangers

Buy adhesive hangers to hang items on your wall without hanging your wallet out to dry. You can purchase them according to the strength that you need, which depends on the weight of the item that you are hanging.

The best part about these sticky hooks is that they don’t wreck the walls underneath. Hook-and-loop tapes like Velcro are another solution for this sticky issue. For lightweight objects, you can use simple sticky putty.


Floor Cushions and Throw Blankets

Enhance your existing furniture by buying new cushions and blankets. For your floors, buy a rug to add interest and character to plain hardwoods. When you’re adding new decorations to your apartment, pick the perfect colour scheme.

Select colours that harmonize with the decor in your place rather than contradict them. The colours of your apartment have an impact on your productivity, creativity, and overall mood.

A cohesive colour scheme will transform both the look and feel of any space.


Put up a tapestry

Tapestries can be attached without putting nails in your walls. Tape allows the fabric to stick to walls without damaging them.

Tapestries can be used to enhance a plain wall or to divide a room. For a more defined division, buy a room divider.

Do you have one room that is too open? A room divider will change the shape of your space to suit your needs.


Purchase some greenery.

Hanging terrariums add a green touch to your apartment. They can be attached to light fixtures or high-hanging shelving units.

Plants, real or fake, add natural interest to your home. The real ones require more maintenance and must be placed near natural sunlight, but they also leave a fresh smell in your space. Fake plants are a one-time investment that last forever.


Hang string lights.

Brighten up your apartment by buying string lights, and give your space a face-lift. Rather than using a nail and hammer, place string lights across a surface to add a new feel to an old corner.


Use wall decals or wallpaper.

When you rent an apartment, you want it to reflect your style. Peel and stick decals allow for easy customization of bland, white walls.

Better yet, they won’t ruin the paint that’s underneath. You can also add a kitchen backsplash sticker to make cooking more exciting.


Buy new curtains.

Add personality to your windows by switching out your bland curtains for new fabric that’s more refined and colourful.

But curtains aren’t only for windows – you can also use them to isolate a small area like your bedroom, and divide the space in two by hanging fabric.

Tapestries can be suspended using adhesive hooks or curtain rods.


Rethink your storage space.

Buying new cabinets or chests allows you to reorganize your space, and frees up room for other personal belongings.

A wire shelving unit lets you display your personal belongings and the (undamaged) wall behind them. For literary buffs, buy a bookshelf for your collection.

A tall bookcase will make your ceilings look higher, and your space more open.


Prop artwork against walls or table tops.

You can hang framed pictures without damaging your walls by leaning them against another surface. A piece of string will allow you to tie a picture to a light fixture, or you could suspend it using a removable wall hook.

Velcro is another way to display art without losing your deposit. Lean a mirror against a wall – adding a reflective surface to your apartment will make it look bigger and more modern.

Those looking for a DIY solution can invest in decorative masking tape. You can make designs with multi coloured tape to suit your tastes, and rest assured that you won’t be peeling up the paint beneath it when it’s time to move out.

Washi tape is an inexpensive way to add artistic flair to your apartment.


Create a photo mural.

Put your Instagram photos to good use and print them to create a collage on your apartment walls. Photographs make an apartment feel like your own personal space.

Collect photos of a similar theme, like landscapes or flowers, or dedicate a wall to your closest friends and family members. A crafty way to display art is by using clothespins – and adds some retro flair to your apartment.

Hanging photos or art on a clothesline will draw the eye to your decorating skills. Simply tie a string of yarn between hooks on your walls, and string them with photos to add a personal touch to your space.


Buy a chalkboard or dry erase board.

Artists will love the customization options that an erasable board provides. Using chalk or whiteboard markers, you can change the design of these boards whenever you see fit. To hang them, simply lean them against another surface, or use a heavy-duty non-damaging adhesive tape.


Banish blank walls from your apartment by using the above design tips to customize your space without damaging your walls in the process.

Adhesive hooks and non-damaging tape allow you to hang art without peeling the paint underneath.

Keep your landlord happy and your damage deposit intact by decorating your apartment using the above design tips.

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