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As with most corporate positions, ‘fun’ isn’t usually one of the associated adjectives, but what about ‘strange’? If you do anything for long enough, something out of the ordinary will eventually will happen, a Murphy’s Law of sorts. This even applies to the letting agent & property management industry. I’m sure if you took a trip down to your local letting agent, they’ll be able to tell a few very odd tales of their time on the job.

Similar to these property experts who explain the strangest experiences in their letting agent & property manager careers.

The one with the Animal Hoarder

Realtor Mark Ferguson was set to complete a rental price opinion on a property, nothing out of the ordinary for a letting agent or property manager. Walking towards to the home, Mark says ‘I could smell pet urine from the street 50 feet away from the front door’, he entered and was greeted by a nearly empty home except for pet cages littered everywhere.

Aside from the couple human occupants the property hosted over 15 cats and dogs, who had been graciously assigned a toilet room which was full of feces.

Undeterred, Mark continued to take pictures of the property until he requested to go into the basement to which the occupants – the humans, not the animals – refused.

Completing the inspection, he made a prompt escape and ‘called animal control right away’. An investigation ensued and 70 animals were found living in the basement, with 20 of them being dead. Among the animals was the neighbor’s dog which had been missing for 6 months!

The one with the Bargainer

Mortgage loan officer for FirstSavings, Hillary Legrain, was once approached by a woman who intended to take out a loan for a mortgage. Little did Hillary know that this woman had not intention to transact using money, no, she had brought in a solid gold pen which she wanted to use as a down payment.

This is of course not possible, but Legrain humoured her and asked to see the pen. It turns out this was no ordinary solid gold pen, this was a solid gold pen made of plastic!

The woman was unfortunately told that this could not be used as payment and took her business elsewhere.

The one with the Writing

The intrepid letting agents of Redfin are sometimes required to go on house tours, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

Along their travels they’ve experienced some pretty creepy sights; an agent who was inspecting the basement of a property, when they came across a door which read ‘My name is Jim and I will die in 2012’, the client thankfully refused to open the door and they quickly left.

Another fearless Redfin agent “visited an old house close to downtown Geneva, Illinois, which needed a tremendous amount of work (it was a bank-owned property). The phrase ‘the writing is on the wall’ works so well with this home; someone scribbled a spooky message on the kitchen wall!”


comparison of letting agent feesThe one with the Wrong Couple

A landlord was hosting a gathering for some friends and others who were interested in the luxury home, he also invited his letting agent, Christy Belton.

At the meal, Belton was strategically placed opposite the couple interested in the property to woo them into renting the property. Before long she was breaking out the charm, capturing the couple with questions about what they would want from a property, except, the couple weren’t very captured. Christy described their look as “what planet are you from?”.

Avoiding any more uncomfortable situations, the conversation was moved to life, travel hobbies etc.

At the end of the gathering Belton felt she had to bring up the house again but was greeted with the same “deer-in-the-headlights” expression. Seeing this, a man to the left leaned over and said “we’re the ones interested in the property”

The one with the Snake

Nino Cutrufello isn’t a snake lover, but first and foremost he’s the director of developing company Calahan Ward.

Before this, he was an letting agent, a real letting agent who was meeting a young couple looking to rent the property of an elderly woman downgrading. Nino met the couple at the property and took them on a tour of the house.

Everything went well and everyone was ready to leave, apart from the elderly occupant of the home who had just asked if anyone wanted to see her snake.

Nino and the couple both agreed that they didn’t want to see the snake, but she insisted, with her calming words that the animal was a “pussy cat”. Moments later she had unveiled the snake, which Nino described as being in the range of 2 – 10 feet (he was too nervous to care).

Nino showed his discomfort, which the elderly woman eased by declaring again that “she was a pussycat” and to prove it put the snakes head in her mouth while counting to five, in Mississippi’s. Upon removing the snake from her mouth she said “See? Docile as could be!”

The one with the Psychic

Michelle Chavoor of PartnersTrust, was having a fairly normal week. She had scheduled a couple of showings for a property, which she was preparing for, until she received a call from the landlord of the home who explained that the showings had to be cancelled as they were having psychic over.

The kicker was that they were using the psychic for advice on renting out the property!

This content was created by Raj Dosanjh, Founder of Rent Round.

Rent Round is a letting agent comparison site, helping agents find landlord leads, while helping landlords save money.

Landlords are able to use the platform to compare letting agent fees & ratings. Rent Round helps letting agents by allowing landlords to contact them directly for a deal to be made & therefore increasing their commissions.

As a hobby, Raj trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and even has his own BJJ martial arts gym



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