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Do you need more leads for your agency?

A good marketing campaign can bring in high quality leads that result in higher revenue. But it’s a tricky business and you can quickly find your budget getting eaten up and wasted.

We’ve all been there where we’ve spent money on a campaign and after it’s done, we feel short changed.

Whether it be social media promotions, keyword targeting or paid ads, the opportunities and pitfalls are plentiful.

This article will explore examples of common marketing mistakes made by estate agents.


1. Incorrect location settings Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to show your agency to people searching certain terms on Google. 

However I commonly see a lot of incorrect location settings, meaning I see estate agent ads in my location when the agent doesn’t actually service my area.

One example is below (sorry Ewemove, but hopefully this will help you save money!), I typed into Google “estate agent Ruislip” however I see ads for an estate agent operating 20 miles away. 

Even if the agent services Ruislip, the headline in their ad says “Chesham”. So I’m either not going to click on the ad which will impact their click through rate or I’ll click on the ad and waste their budget as I’m unlikely to take up their services.

To avoid this, ensure your Google locations are set up correctly and any areas you don’t service are listed in your negative keyword section.

digital marketing for estate agents

2. Facebook quantity over Google ads quality

Facebook users are browsers, looking through their feed for whatever reason. 

When they see your ad offering a “free, online, instant valuation”, their intrigue may just make them click on your ad, leave you their details and see their results. 

However there’s no intent there, they may not have any plans to sell or let out their property.

Google search users are looking for something in particular. If your ads are set up correctly, you can target people with an intent to sell or let their property. 

Google Ads are generally more expensive than Facebook ads, but the quality (in my humble opinion) is with Google.

Of course if Facebook works for you, great! 

Google Ads is more complex to set up than Facebook Ads. As a result, Google Ads can often get overlooked by agents. However there are many guides for estate agents to set up their own Google Ads which can help massively. 


3. No lead form validation

You could be getting leads by offering a free online valuation, downloadable guide or just by advertising your services. 

When you finally get a lead from your site, you want the contact details to be correct.

Many agents on their forms require landlords and sellers to enter a telephone with the right number of digits. 

They may also require the email address to include an ‘@’ sign and a correct tail end (i.e. ‘.com’)

However many estate agents are missing a trick by not using a live validation: a service that looks up each telephone number and email address to see if it’s live and working.

This won’t stop dodgy numbers completely, as some leads may guess a number or use someone else’s if they really don’t want to part with their details.

landlord who are private


4. Long lead forms

We all hate filling out long forms which include unnecessary questions. 

Lead forms should be kept simple. Address, name, phone number and email are of course essential.

Questions like “how much deposit do you have”, “when are you looking to sell your property” or “do you also need home insurance” do provide good insights, but they could be hampering conversion rates.

Keep questions to a minimum and leave the more detailed questions for when a phone call takes place.


5. A lack of conversion tracking

Spending big on multiple marketing avenues for your estate agency can bring in great results. For an avenue that works, you’ll then want to scale up, spend more and get more rewards.

But if you’re not tracking where good vs bad leads are coming from, you don’t know where to focus.

For example, if you’re getting leads from Facebook and Google, one of those may be bringing in good leads and the other may just be providing dud leads.

Conversion tracking allows you to identify which lead is coming in from which source. This in turn helps you scale up in the future.

It’s not difficult to set up conversion tracking, although you do need to know your way around different advertising platforms.

As leads may hit your agency through many sources, its important to have a strong CRM tool to help your agency.


6. Not linking your adverts to your webpage

Many agents run different ads, some for lettings and some for sales.

When your sales ad is clicked on, it should go to a page talking about sales. Vice versa for lettings. 

Likewise for your locations. If you’re advertising your services in a certain location, then it’s great if your page talks about that region. 

Knight Frank does a great job of this.

Their ad talks about Mayfair and so does the page you are guided to once their ad is clicked.

landlord who are private
landlord who are private

If users click on your ad, they expect the page to relate to what they clicked.

If not, it will reduce conversion rates of your adverts


7. A lack of lead nurturing

Not every lead converts straight away. It may take weeks or even months to convert.

Email nurturing can help convert longer timeframe leads. Depending on where the lead is in their journey, the emails can contain different types of information.

For example, if a lead comes in that’s a would be landlord is still in the process of buying their buy to let, an email nurturing flow that talks about how to become a landlord, buy to let advice and how to find tenants would be applicable.

These emails would keep the lead engaged and more likely to convert at a later stage.


8. Missing Profiles

Online profiles are not just for online agents! The more profiles on different platforms you have, with more people talking about your agency, the better.

LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Business etc are all free. Also, when you post on one platform, you can post on all of them instantly without much additional work.

Further more, these profiles cleverly collate sometimes. 

Checkout Letting a Property’s Google Business account below.

Immediately you can see reviews from various platforms, all links to numerous social media platforms and up to date operating times.

This creates an impression of a strongly run business that’s easily accessible and on the right path. 

Whereas if you find an agency with minimum information and no social media presence, it looks like they may be newly formed, or in extreme cases, not a serious business.

In addition, the more profiles your on, the more it contributes to bumping up your estate agency’s SEO score

landlord who are private

9. Not on Rentround

It’d be rubbish on our behalf if we didn’t have one last plug of our services in thi sarticle, if you’ve managed to get this far!

To cut to the chase, check out our agent page to learn how we’re getting some of the biggest agents leads and hopefully we can for your agency too.


10. Heavy sales pitch emails

We offer agents the opportunity to email our database of 60,000+ vendors & landlords, as do many other portals or property related news sites.

What we’ve found is the best interaction to these types of emails are those that are information focused as opposed to “buy our services” promotions.

In some circumstances the open rates of “information” emails are 100% greater than those that are hard sell type emails.

When running email campaigns, guidance to landlords & sellers around regulations, news and tips are likely to result in better interaction.

The clicks to your content then result in more users leaving their details directly on your site, increasing your chances of converting leads.


P.S. – Give us a shout if you spot any mistake on our own site! We’re all ears 🙂

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