Letting & Estate Agent Marketing – 15 Lead Generation tips

lead generation for estate agentsGetting revenue for your estate or letting agency is what it’s all about. Of course you do this by getting more property sellers & landlords on your books.

To get new leads, your estate agency’s marketing needs to be effective. Getting in front of leads, developing your brand and using the right promotion channels are key.

But how do you get your agency ‘out there’? And more importantly, once noticed, how do you ensure you’re managing leads to ensure they become instructions?

Below are 15 easy methods (well, most of them are) to improve your estate agency’s marketing to boost lead generation & conversions.


1. Guest posting to create an online presence


Submitting guest posts to websites that attract a lot of property sellers and landlords is an excellent digital marketing tool to get leads.

Topics can be wide ranging, but should include a plug for your estate or letting agency. Be sure to call out your unique selling points and promotional offers.

You may need to pay sites for submitting guest posts, often between £50-£100. The more expensive sites would have more traffic and therefore generate you better exposure.

Many sites will have dedicated pages about their guest post rules, prices and types of content they accept.

Alternatively, if you have some data or information others may find useful, you may be featured on some sites for free.

Rentround was recently featured in The Sun, The Times & The Metro. This was achieved by providing information on rental prices and the property industry as a whole. A majority of the data was sourced from the 10,000+ landlords that have used the platform so far in 2020.


2. Create different landing Pages


Not all your leads want the same thing. Therefore it’s important to ensure your agency’s digital marketing caters for all needs.

Property sellers will be looking for a quick sale, while others may not need to sell quickly in exchange for a lower estate agent fee.

Some landlords may be looking for guaranteed rent services, while other landlords might just want you to help them find a tenant.

Your site should include different pages that cater to different services.

You may have one page shouting about your guaranteed rent services are the best in the city. Then another catered towards how your agency is the best at selling property quickly.

Once you have these pages, what do you do with them?

If you’ve created content about how guaranteed rent is now more popular, in that article you’d link to your guaranteed rent webpage.

If you’re advertising your quick sell services, you’d want your audience to be directed to your page that talks about how good you are at selling homes quickly.

Many estate and letting agents don’t bother with creating specific landline pages and miss out on conversions.

By directing traffic to specific pages, based upon the source/content they arrive from, helps keep sellers and landlords engaged, thus improving your estate agency marketing.

A few examples of how we direct our leads to certain pages are below.

In this scenario, we created 2 adverts. 1 advertising the ability to compare letting agent fees in general, then the other targeted at just comparing fees for finding tenants.

Our landing pages are catered towards the users exact search. Those looking for ‘letting agent fees’ in general will see that key term on the landing page, while those seeking tenant find services will see that term on their landing page.

Using landing pages specific to the landlords requirements, improved our conversion rates by 17%.


3. Not just a pretty website


It’s all good having a well designed website. But your website should be designed to capture leads and not just look good.

This doesn’t just apply to online agents seeking sign ups through their site, it applies to all agents.

Similar to point 1, your site shouldn’t be just one way. You want property sellers and landlords to engage with your site, ideally leaving their contact details.

Ensure ‘get in touch’ forms, valuation tools and your agency contact details are clearly visible. These aspects are key to allowing sellers and landlords to continue further dialogue with your estate or letting agency.

To enhance your website’s role in your estate agencies marketing, integrate web tools to give you greater insights to landlord & property seller behaviour on your site.

You can integrate tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Heat Map, etc, to check the performance of your website.

These tools will tell you:

  • Which pages of your site are most visited
  • How long sellers and landlords stay on your pages
  • What sections are most read
  • Where you should place key conversion tools


4. Join Rentround for landlord leads


And just when you thought this was an informative article, you come across our plug!

We specialise in getting landlord leads for letting agents. We’re a letting agent comparison site that landlords can use to compare agent fees, location and services.

When landlords use our platform, they make their contact details available for us to pass on to 1 or 2 letting agents in their area.

To be included in the landlord comparisons, we charge letting agents £39.99 per month (no contract).

10,000+ landlords have used our comparison tool since we started 12 month ago.

For a free month trial, use code PROPERTYMGR while signing up here

OK OK, the plug is over… let’s get back to being informative.


5. Use Databases to contact leads


Using databases to contact potential leads is common across multiple industries.

As leads enter their details on your site, their contact information should be added to databases for future follow ups.

Many seller or landlord leads at the time of visiting your site, may have just been exploring fees & services.

Following up over the course of the next few months will help your agency stay at the top of the leads minds, making them more receptive to selling or letting their property through your agency.

Contact databases can be purchased. However consideration needs to be placed on the quality of the contact information; Is it up to date?

In addition, how many times has the database been sold to other agencies & companies, meaning the contacts may have been already bombarded with information from other agencies.

You should also consider if the database is GDPR compliant. If it contains personal information where individuals have not consented to be contacted, you could be breaching data privacy laws.


6. Your agency Email Signature


Your email signature gives you an opportunity to promote your agency and yourself.

Signatures to boost interest, should include a strapline about promotional offers your agency has running. Including a direct link to your website that has more information, is also useful for sellers & landlords looking to learn more.

In addition, many agents include a link to their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn profiles can help enhance your credibility as an agent who can sell or rent out homes quickly.

Has your agency won any awards recently? Adding images or mentions of these awards in your email signature can be a powerful marketing tool to get more attention from leads.

As an example, check out EweMove’s signature below which contains details about the awards they’ve won



7. Respond to forums and Q&As


Sites like Quora have a tonne of questions from people looking to sell or let out their property. It can be tiresome, but keeping a lookout and responding to people’s queries can attract leads.

Forums are also popular places for property sellers and those looking to let out their property. Responding to queries helps build a rapport with potential leads who may in turn give you their business.

Often property forums have strict monitoring in place, to capture spam and marketing. Therefore your responses should be genuine and not be sales orientated 


Are you a letting agent?

List your agency on Rentround & start to show in comparisons run by landlords. If your agency is picked by a landlord, you are sent their details to finalise a deal

8. Live chat for engagement (no, you don’t need someone constantly monitoring your website)


According to studies, 42% of customers prefer to live chat for their customer support questions, while 73% of website visitors and customers who take part in a chat are happy with the results.

Live chat, via a small icon on your webpage, can give leads quick access to someone from your agency.

You don’t have to have your agents manning the screens all day awaiting questions. Most live chat tools alert you or your team via a phone notification or email, giving you the chance to respond on the move.

Most live chat applications charge a monthly fee, somewhere between £30-£80.

Some even offer the feature of sophisticated automated responses, based on keywords the lead may have included in their question. For example, a lead asking “What are your letting agent fees?” may trigger a response to provide the link to your keys page, due to the words ‘agent fees’


9. Host Webinars to Get Leads


Hosting webinars is a commonly used marketing tool for estate and letting agents.

Webinars give you the opportunity to offer insights to leads on a particular subject.

Property sellers & landlords aren’t going to give up their time to attend a session that will talk about your agency’s services.

However they will attend if you’re offering up knowledge that will help their revenue.

For example, if you have opinions on how property prices will react after the stamp duty holiday ends next year, that may entice leads as they have something to gain.

After the webinar, leads will be more familiar with you and your estate or letting agency.

Further down the line when they have properties to sell or rent out, they’ll have you in their minds as an agent.


10. Participate in Conversations


Similar to responding to online forums, social media platforms have a tonne of conversions on various property groups.

Be sure to join groups that discuss the property world in detail so you can give your opinion and gain more exposure to leads.


11. Different types of content for your digital marketing


Hopefully on your site you’re already blogging about various property related topics.

In our previous article we talked about how blogging can help get your estate or letting agency ranked highly on Google. 

But blogging while helping your search rankings, also attracts leads and nurtures them towards your agency.

Content marketing for your estate or letting agency doesn’t always need to be written blogs. PDFs, infographics and video content are other ways of engaging leads.

A good tip for your estate agency marketing when using content pieces, is to ensure you have social media share buttons. A few likes & shares here and there can help articles go viral or get featured on other news outlets.


12. Avoid One-Way CHAT


No doubt your agency will be getting a number of enquiries of leads wanting to know more about services & fees.

Sales teams in their responses will be relying on links to certain webpages, pre-made written material and video links.

This risk is that the property seller or landlords may have a tonne of follow up questions that can get tedious for both sides over email and therefore momentum is lost.

Include easy ways to schedule follow up conversations such as call scheduling tools, that allow leads to pick a time for further discussion on your agency’s offerings.

Scheduling forms are easy to integrate onto most sites and cost as little as £10 a month.


13. Collect Reviews to improve your estate agent marketing


According to Search Engine Land, 87 percent of potential customers won’t consider businesses with low ratings.

Ensure your agency has a profile on all sites where reviews happen, Google business, Facebook, TrustPilot etc.

When you have a happy customer, following up for a review quickly increases the likelihood of them leaving a review, as opposed to if you left it a few weeks.

Your estate agency marketing material can then be updated to showcase all the lovely reviews you’ve collated.

Good reviews from a wide ranging number of sources helps build credibility, improving your estate agency lead generation ability and turn them into instructions.


14. Ask for Customer Referrals


A happy customer is going to show you loyalty and return if/when they get more properties later down the line.

In addition, landlords usually have landlord friends. Getting an inroad with a happy customers network is a quick fire way to hit higher revenues.

A good way to get in with an existing customers network is to offer a promotion.

Offering a discount on your estate & letting agent fees, or offering vouchers etc entice them to open up their network.


15. Estate agency digital marketing with Google Ads


It can take years to get a good ranking on Google that provides you with a steady (and free) source or seller & landlord leads.

In the meantime, using Google Ads can help estate agency lead generation when users search for relevant key terms.

You can set up your Google Adverts to only show in specific regions, at certain times, to certain audiences etc.

It can be complex for estate & letting agents to set up their own Google ads. There are many features Google offers that can be customized.

However if you’re not too careful, your agency’s advertising budget can be quickly consumed.

Special focus needs to be placed on bidding strategies, negative keywords, targeted cost per acquisition and a whole load of other jargon based features.

It can get too much for some estate and letting agents, which is why many agents tend to outsource this activity to a Google ads manager. We offer that service at Rentround too. If interested, schedule a call with us

Google Ads can be a powerful ally to letting or estate agent marketing campaigns.  A quick search for letting agents on Google will show you big names like Belvoir, Howsy & Purplebricks vying for their ads to be shown nationwide.

We covered how estate & letting agents can set up their own Google Ads as part of their digital marketing plans in greater detail. Included in the article are more details about the power of Google ads, the basics of setting them up for your agency and what features to use to maximize conversions.


In conclusion

It’s tough out there. With Covid-19, the stamp duty holiday, interest rates, BREXIT etc, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the market.

While estate & letting agents navigate the property industry, there’s a lot that can be done to maximize leads and improve conversion rates.

There are easy methods and then there are more complex methods. Likewise, some ways to market your agency are cheap while others need a lot of investment.

No doubt the effort into marketing does yield results and improves revenues. It’s a balance between targeting the right areas.

Our final word… Try our landlord leads for free for a month, using code PROPERTYMGR during sign up. There’s no obligation and you can cancel anytime. It’s for sure one of the quickest, low cost ways to add another weapon on your agency’s marketing efforts.


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