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Do you need more leads for your agency?

When it comes to marketing strategies, a few foolproof methods come to mind including word of mouth, creating a professional website, and paid promotions. But what about email marketing? Is it true that this form of advertising is dead?

Not so fast!

For every £1 you spend on email marketing, you can generate as much as £31. That’s a 4,200% ROI.

A shocking 4 out of 5 marketers report they rely more on email marketing than social media outreach. With over 4 billion email users online, this is a vast audience that you can’t afford to miss out on. 

Emails are a great way to reach your target audience directly, inform them of promotions and specials, and keep them interested in your services.

Emails also let you expand your reach far beyond just a local audience, making this one of the most versatile advertising methods used in various industries. 

But before you start collecting customer email addresses and hitting that “send” button, let’s take a closer look at how you can use email as a key weapon in your estate agency’s marketing techniques to generate more leads, fast!


Generating an Email List

You can’t send emails and generate leads without an email list. Collecting email addresses is one of the hardest parts of estate agent email marketing. 

But once you finish this step, you can increase your reach and start landing new landlords & sellers. 

There are two common ways to create an email list – buy it or create your own. 

Both have their pros and cons. If you’re looking to save time, you can purchase an email list. There are countless websites online that have no problem turning over their precious lists to you – for a price. 

Not only can this method get costly, but there’s no guarantee that the clients on this list have any interest in your services. Let’s not mention any GDPR issues you may encounter if the data hasn’t been generated with the right permissions.

As an estate agent, you want to attract homeowners, investors, and people interested in buying, selling, or letting out a property. Let’s say you purchase an email list that contains 500 addresses. 

Of those, there’s no guarantee that even one person will be in the market for an estate agent. 

There’s also the issue of how many others have purchased the list and spammed the hell out of the list.

This is a risky game that may result in lost revenue and a damaged reputation. Sending emails to uninterested parties is viewed as spammy and unprofessional.

If you decide to go the more reputable route of building your own email list, you’ll need to do some legwork. 

leaders promo

While generating your own list takes time, it’s well worth the investment. Not only are you only sending emails to people interested in your services, but the list is up to date and not being spammed by multiple parties.

Customers who willingly provide you with their email addresses are more likely to open the emails you send and convert to paying customers. 

There are a few ways to do this like offering enticing content in exchange for their email address, pop-up windows on your website, offering promos or discounts, and referral programs. 

Of course, you need traffic for your website. 

This isn’t an easy task, we’ve covered in previous article how to get traffic for your agency website using paid ads or through organic growth/SEO


Sending Emails that Convert

Once you have a list of email addresses to use, it’s time to start sending! 

Instead of creating an address book and manually entering hundreds of addresses, consider using an email marketing system like Mailjet. 

This easy-to-use email platform not only lets you schedule and send emails but also track their progress including open and click-through rates.

This information is invaluable when creating an email marketing campaign. 

By analyzing the data provided by a platform like Mailjet, you can see exactly which types of emails convert best and apply these same principles to future messages. 

Most platforms also offer campaign templates and ensure that your content is sent to the right place. 

Mailjet offers an easy-to-use email platform that allows you to create, send and track your emails. You can use the Mailjet platform to build stunning campaigns, easily gather data on your messages’ performances and make sure that the right content is going to the right place. 

Did you know that the time you send your email can also impact whether or not it’s ever opened or even seen? 

Countless studies have been done on email marketing and the results show that the best time to send a promotional email is between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. That’s because most people are awake and logged onto either their computers or phones by this time. Additionally, most people get into the habit of checking their emails before starting their day. 

By sending yours out between these hours, they’re more likely to land at the top of your customers’ inboxes and get opened.


Write Subject Lines that get People’s Interest

The subject line of your email is the first thing people see. It means the difference between an email getting opened or sent to the trash bin. These are arguably the most important words of your entire email. 

That’s why writing compelling subject lines for your estate agent emails are so important. But how do you write an email subject line that gets people saying, “Yes, tell me more!”?

Your subject line should be short and sweet. This is especially true if you’re looking to convert mobile users. One study showed that 46% of emails are opened on mobile devices where subject lines are as few as 50 characters long. You don’t have a lot of time (or space) to grab your reader’s attention. 

That’s why your subject lines should also be time-sensitive with a hint of urgency. Offering a “limited time” promo or discount is a great way to get people to click through. 

Whenever possible, personalize your emails by using the recipient’s name (this is easy to do on most email sending platforms). This builds trust and brand awareness. Another way to gain and keep trust through estate agent email marketing is to deliver on your promises. If your subject line suggests certain information is inside, make sure it is. 

No one likes clickbait and chances are, once a reader is duped once they won’t make the mistake of clicking on one of your emails again. This can damage your reputation beyond repair. 


Include an Unsubscribe Button

There’s nothing more frustrating for people than receiving spam emails with no way out. Estate agent email marketing is about achieving a balance between providing information and discounts without flooding a person’s inbox. 

And what about when someone on your email list no longer needs your services? You need to give your customers the option to unsubscribe from your emails (plus you need to implement this because of GDPR as well).

The mere act of including an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of your message is a show of good faith and will do wonders for your reputation. 

Give your customers the power to cancel or unsubscribe and chances are, they’ll stick around!

With that being said, you don’t need to have the “unsubscribe” button at the forefront of your email. 

Place it near the bottom or in the footer of the message. That way, recipients need to scroll all the way through the email before unsubscribing. They may even change their mind in the process.

Another important feature of your email is a call-to-action button. Make this button visible using bright colors and bold font. 

In our below email geared at helping landlords compare online letting agents, our CTA button is a different color to the rest of the email. This makes the key action on the email stand out significantly. 

email template

Be sure to place it somewhere in the email where users are sure to see it and act like in the middle or near the end of a shorter message. 

The words you use are equally important. You can try something simple like, “Click here” or “Save now” or something a little more complex like “Show me the money!” or “Yes, I want to know more!”. 


Track Responses and Reply Promptly

They say “time is money” in business. 

Being responsive and prompt is crucial for generating leads and becoming a trustworthy estate agent. 

The whole purpose of email marketing is to create interest and encourage readers to contact you for more information. So when they do, be sure to respond – fast! 

Monitor your email account closely. 

Check every response, even if it looks like spam. Someone might message you with a long list of questions about selling or marketing their home. Answer them all as best and thoroughly as you can but don’t be surprised if the correspondence ends there. 

Some people are simply looking for information and have no real intent to ever hire you. While this may be discouraging, it’s part of the process. 

Remember, for every 5 emails you answer, 1 of those people might hire you as their agent! And then all of your efforts will pay off. 

It’s a good idea to have a generic email that already contains details about your service. Then when you need quick responses, you can paste the template and edit where appropriate to add the personal touch and relate it to the person’s email to a higher degree.

Be sure to respond in a timely fashion. In a hot market, properties can sell within days or even hours! 

Missing an email or not responding fast enough can result in a lost sale and opportunity. Although you should check your email regularly, this is especially important when running a special promotion or incentive that might generate a lot of interest and inquiries. 


Track Email Performance and Conversions

While this was mentioned briefly before, it’s worth mentioning again. The best (and only) way to ensure that your email marketing efforts are converting and worth the investment is by tracking their performance and conversion rates. 

If you receive an influx of responses to a recent email campaign, go back and dissect it. What template did you use? 

What colors, wording, and offers did you include? Learn as much as you can about which templates and methods converted the fastest and resulted in the most leads. This information is crucial for creating winning emails moving forward.

Use these same principles in your future emails. Just be sure to include variety. Your customers will quickly catch on if all of your emails are structured or designed exactly the same way. Get creative and apply what you know to generate unique emails that consistently perform well. 

The emails that don’t perform well (or are never even opened) can provide just as much useful information as those that convert. Look at a few emails that didn’t convert and find commonalities. 

Maybe it was the subject line you used, the length of the body of the email, or a poorly placed CTA button. Use this information to tweak your layout and make important changes for future campaigns. 


Create a Diverse Email Marketing List

Estate agents don’t have just one type of client. Most agents can help buy, sell, or rent a property. With such a vast client base, your estate agent email marketing list needs to be equally as diverse. 

Customize email messages to fit your specific audience. For example, send plenty of information on staging a home, preparing for a sale, and pricing a property to homeowners and investors. 

People looking to buy a house can benefit from market valuations, information on the local community or school systems, and tips for making an offer. Additionally, landlords, property managers, and potential tenants will all benefit from emails on the letting process, rent collection, and current letting laws and requirements. 

Target these niche customer groups with individualized content that fits their needs. You can also create generic emails that apply to a wider audience. 

Your emails should read like a newsletter and offer valuable information, statistics and tips. Similar to a website blog, the more helpful information you provide to readers for free, the more likely recipients are to pay for your services in the future. 

Email systems allow you to add categories to your email list. Therefore you can easily flag which emails were captured from your landlord pages, tenant pages and so on. With this data, it’s simple to send certain emails to specific audiences.


Invest in Solus Emails

Solus emails are one such way to achieve quicker results from email marketing than creating and sending to your own lists.

These are where your ads or content are sent to a targeted list of subscribers which is generated by another site.

Of course as an estate agent, paying for solus sends for landlord or homeowner oriented platforms make sense. These sites are likely to have built up a decent following of your target market over time.

We at Rentround offer agents the chance to promote to our self generated list of 60,000 landlords. Drop us an email if this is of interest ([email protected]).

A good list, that is maintained and sent to infrequently, can provide amazing results.

If the data is substantial, then the owner will be aware of it’s extremely high value. You won’t get many reputable property sites willing to sell you their database (as we wouldn’t either). There’s far great value and sustainability (i.e avoid a list getting spammed) in charging customers to send solus emails.

Not only are Solus emails designed to reach a very niche market, but they offer a link directly to your website, increasing traffic and conversion rates. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Solus emails can be quite costly and offer minimal information or data on past performance. 

You also have no real control of how many emails are sent to whom and how often. 

You may end up spamming customers without even realizing it and losing not just their faith in you but their business.

A tip is to subscribe to lists that you’re considering paying a solus for. This way you can see how often the list is contacted. Anything over two or three times a week points to over communication, which is likely to lead to low engagement.

Email nurturing

Sending consistent & informative email is one thing, but pushing potential leads through a nurture campaign is another.

email nurture

What do we mean by this?

Well image you have a lead who when you captured their information, was a few months off buying their first buy to let.

Imagine over the course of the next few months, they got guides from you every week, on how to be a landlord, how to find the best buy to let investment and landlord regulatory guides?

By sending the lead emails related to their exact position, first helps the future landlord.

Secondly, when they eventually buy a property, by keeping them “warm”, they are more likely to want to use your services as a letting agent.

The same could apply to potential buyers, former landlords of yours or vendor leads.

Nurturing is said to improve conversion rates by 77%.

You’ll need a CRM/Email distribution platform for your leads to implement a good nurturing flow.

In addition the initial set up can be complex. You need to set up decision tree and content

But once created, it’s just a matter of pushing your leads into the right flow.

Get the Most Out of Your Estate Agent Email Marketing Campaign

With over 90% of people turning to the internet to search properties, your online presence as an estate agent has never been more important. 

Besides creating a professional website, running paid ads and quality social media accounts, you need to consider estate agent email marketing. 

No other estate agent marketing methods reach your target audience on a more personal level. 

When done right, your promotional emails are delivered right to your client’s inbox, both on their phone and on their computer or tablet. 

By offering a compelling subject line, generous promotions, and useful information, you’ll gain your client’s trust, business, and future referrals! 

Now, all that’s left to do is generate a winning email list and track performance so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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