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Do you need more leads for your agency?

Gaining clients, recognition, and traction in the UK letting industry can be difficult. With thousands of letting and estate agents all targeting the same pool of prospective clients, you need to go the extra mile to stand out.= with your marketing.

One of the best ways to increase your visibility and broaden your customer base is to use a website or service designed specifically for this. Below, you’ll find the top 12 sites for estate agent marketing that guarantee to bring you more exposure, authority, and leads in the competitive UK property market. 


1. Rentround

Topping the list is Rentround. A user-friendly and well-known site for both letting and estate agents, as well as landlords looking for guidance, Rentround is a comparison platform that connects landlords with agents. Landlords and sellers can use Rentround’s comparison tool to find estate and letting agents based on several factors. These include location, fees, services, and regulatory associations.

Rentround works like this. Leads enter their postal code or location, their property type, and what type of services they need.

Rentround then generates a list of agents that meet the landlord’s specific criteria. It also lists the agent’s fees and ratings. From here, leads can pick and choose which agents to contact for more information. Rentround also emails agents the contact information of all prospective leads so you can strike up a conversation and, ultimately, finalize the rental agreement. 

By joining Rentround’s extensive database, you can generate leads without ever lifting a finger. Simply entering your qualifications, location, fees, and services is enough to be matched with landlords in your area.

To date, Rentround has helped match over 30,000 landlords and agents, captured 5,000 leads per month, and registered over 700 satisfied agents. 


2. GetAgent

The name of this estate agent marketing site says it all. is a reliable place for local landlords and property owners to find reputable and experienced agents.

Similar to Rentround, GetAgent uses a comparison tool to help landlords find the most suitable matches. Agents enter their location, services, fees, credentials, associations, and other important details to try and attract more leads. GetAgent does the rest.

GetAngent focuses on helping quality agents grow their businesses. Established in 2015, the site has helped over 7,000 agents increase their exposure and attract more leads. GetAgent also places importance on service over price, which is why they encourage agents to promote their performance over their prices. There’s no initial sign-up fee for agents, but all successful sales are subject to a small commission fee. GetAgent also connects agents with undecided home sellers, giving you the chance to help guide their final decisions. This site for estate agent marketing spends over £6 million per year on marketing, and registered agents reap the benefits. 


3. NetanAgent

NetanAgent helps potential sellers, landlords, and property owners compare the services and fees of local agents in their area. Comparable to Rentround and GetAgent, a convenient comparison tool lets property owners enter their property details and location and search for reliable and affordable agents. NetanAgent welcomes high-street agents, online agents, and hybrid agents. 

As of this writing, NetanAgent features over 21,000 agents and lists more than £36 million worth of property every week. Property owners can search for agents and navigate the site using various options. They can search by area, fees, and services. NetanAgent also offers tips to property owners like how to choose the best agents and tips for renting out your property. 

etanAgent provides property owners with a variety of instant quotes and will contact agents they feel are a good match. This gives landlords a complete picture of their options. From these extensive lists, property owners can decide which agents to contact and how. 


4. Agent Extra

Established in 2016 by property professionals Jack Holman and Danny Randhawa, Agent Extra is an all-in-one prospecting and lead generation business. The website for estate agent marketing provides qualified valuations and instructions for aspiring estate agents across the UK. Agent Extra is 100% focused on helping agents gain new instructions. With dedicated personal service and around-the-clock availability, aspiring and motivated agents get the answers, guidance, and support they need when they need it.

Agent Extra focuses on four key elements of the lead generation process – expertise, service, results and value. 

In terms of expertise, the two property experts have worked with some of the UK’s top agencies, including Foxtons, John D. Wood, and Countrywide. When it comes to service, Agent Extra offers targeted marketing to your ideal market. Not only does this site for estate agent marketing prospect leads for you, but also contacts them and follows up. Agent Extra has one goal in mind – to get new leads to list their property with you and your agency. They also focus on providing the highest ROI so agents receive the best value and results on their investment. 


5. Spectre 

Spectre is another popular instruction generation tool for UK agents. To date, Spectre has earned several awards, including Best Overall Supplier, Best Marketing Product, Best Large Supplier, and Best Instruction Generation Tool in 2022 & 2023. Unlike other sites for estate agent marketing on this list, instead of pairing agents and property owners, Spectre puts agents in the driver’s seat of their success.

Spectre offers a suite of marketing tools that, once in place, run on autopilot, continuously bringing in new leads and new business. Some of Spectre’s most popular and effective tools include

  • Postcards 
  • Digital property reports
  • On-market prospecting
  • Off-market campaigns
  • Anniversary deals
  • Sold-in-your-area (local market listings)

Sepctre is available for both letting and estate agents, offering unique tools to accommodate both markets and demographics. Estate agents can send highly targeted and relevant campaigns to their target audience while letting agents get help prospecting landlords and reaching the right people at the right times. All of Spectre’s programs are customizable and configurable to accommodate every agent’s needs and preferences. 

Agents can register as a new agent, local agent (with 1-2 branches), regional (with 3-15 branches), or national (with 15 or more branches). Regardless of your experience or the current size of your agency, Spectre has a customizable suite of marketing tools for you.


6. Property Webmasters

Property Webmasters is one-stop-shopping for agents looking to build and expand their business. With both website design and digital marketing services, Property Webmasters helps agents generate leads and convert them to customers using a well-developed website. Property Webmasters also helps existing agents revamp their websites and improve their overall performance to help retain leads and increase traffic. 

Property Webmaster’s core services include

  • Website design 
  • Social media campaigns
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Blog Creation
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

With over 30 years of combined experience, the creators of Property Webmasters have the knowledge it takes to help estate agents succeed online. This site also offers a cost-effective and dedicated approach to estate agent marketing. With cutting-edge technology and a pulse on the current property market, Property Webmasters is passionate about the success of its clients. For agents seeking a website overall, need help building a new one, or want to expand their reach online, Property Webmasters has a variety of tools and services to meet your needs and budget.


7. Art Division

Art Division is a digital marketing agency for estate agents. Launched in 2001, this site for estate agent marketing works with small and medium-sized companies, helping them gain an edge over their competitors and compete with bigger, more well-known agencies. 

Art Division helps new and experienced agents attract property leads and win instructions. Once they help you lay the groundwork, the experts at Art Division can help estate agents focus on growing their business. This site for estate agent marketing offers a good mix of ready-made products, training programs, and customizable plans. Professionals offer one-on-one guidance as you plan and execute a specific marketing funnel designed to help you achieve your goals. 

In addition to building your online presence, Art Division also focuses on increased revenue and building local brand awareness. Art Division acts as an extended marketing department for clients, offering bespoke website builds, performance-driven marketing campaigns, and continued support. Art Division remains on the cutting edge of developing technology and strives to inspire and improve your reach, impact, and revenue as an estate agent. 


8. Prestige Print

Do you need help designing leaflets or want new letterhead for your growing estate agency? Prestige Print helps estate agents of all experience levels and sizes promote their businesses and services professionally and beautifully. From stationary and new home cards to agency agreements, guides, brochures, and holiday cards, Prestige Print is a one-stop-shopping website for all your printing and advertising needs.

Some of the website’s most popular products include

  • Magnetic calendars
  • Stickers
  • Desk mats
  • Posters
  • Newsletters
  • Envelopes
  • Canvassing letters 
  • Business cards

Prestige Print is more than just a printing company, though. This site for estate agent marketing has a working knowledge of the property industry that can be seen throughout their work, marketing efforts, and the layout and design of every piece of marketing material they sell.

Prestige Print strikes a perfect balance between quality and price, helping agents stay well within their marketing budgets while also expanding their reach. Paper pamphlets and brochures are a must for hybrid and high-street agents. But Prestige Print offers beneficial services for online agents as well, including logo design, property portal ad designs, and agency agreements. Keep in mind that each product is priced differently and may vary based on the quantity. 


9. Estate Agent Content

Once you have your digital marketing and print campaigns in place, it’s time to start building your reputation as an authority in the estate agent market. One of the best and fastest ways to do this is through content marketing. Landlords and homeowners want an agent they can trust and one that’s knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Estate Agent Content helps you show off your skills, expertise, and personality using specially crafted and SEO-focused content, including blog posts, social media posts, and more.

As of 2023, Estate Agent Content consistently supplies high-quality content to over 300 agents. With high conversion rates and a reputation of success within the property market, Estate Agent Content helps take the guesswork out of crafting informative and useful blog posts and articles that convert website visitors and leads into clients. 

The Estate Agent Club gives members exclusive access to weekly articles, videos, ideas, advice, and more to help you build your knowledge and customer base. Estate Agent Content also crafts targeted E-guides and brochures that make you the go-to agent in the local area.

Prospect lettering packs make a great first impression on leads, while the company’s well-crafted e-mails and text messages strike a personal cord with clients to build trust and brand awareness. 

Established in 2019, Estate Agent Content is a relatively new site for estate agent marketing but that just means the creators have a pulse on the industry and a deep understanding of what type of content converts. 


10. NicheCom

NicheCom has been offering upscale estate agent marketing services for over 30 years. When it comes to visual aids, photographs, and videos, NicheCom has you covered. This site for estate agent marketing is one of the only companies that produce professional photographs, videos, floor plans, and EPC (energy performance certificates) all in a single on-site visit. With drone photography available, NicheCom can capture every angle of your client’s property and showcase it in the best possible light, leading to faster sales at a higher price. 

The company’s 3D immersive tours use cutting edge technology to take your property listings to the next level. Don’t let geography limit your market reach. NicheCom also conducts GotoView Virtual viewings that allow potential renters, buyers, and customers from around the world to view and make offers on your listings.  If you crave a modern, tech-savvy approach to marketing yourself and your properties, NicheCom delivers.

In addition to their digital services, NicheCom also offers design and print services and data reports. As a rising estate agent, you’re probably pressed for time with limited resources. Let NicheCom handle all of your property marketing needs so you can focus your time and energy on building your business, gaining more instructions, and converting more leads. 


11. Bark

With a catchy name that’s hard to forget, Bark offers a little bit of everything for aspiring entrepreneurs from every industry – including real estate. Bark is a dedicated marketplace for finding and hiring professionals in myriad industries, from – you guessed it – dog grooming and training to event planners, health and wellness experts, and beyond. The company works with both individuals and small businesses, helping promote their services and attract new clients. If you want to extend your reach and expand your target audience, listing your services on Bark might do the trick.

As a professional, you can sign up on Bark in a few simple steps. The website doesn’t charge a commission or hidden fees, just a listing fee for promoting yourself and your business. After you register, your account on Bark will be active. When someone in need searches for services that match your credentials, they can view the details on your account and choose to contact you.

Bark also offers its professionals a list of potential leads that match your services so you can take the initiative and make the initial contact. Bark charges a small fee for every lead but also provides them with your phone number and email address. 

Think of Bark as the match-making estate agent marketing site of the professional world. Customers trust the platform and the professionals it advertises, and as a professional listing their services on the site, you benefit from Bark’s positive reputation and seamless process.


12. Agent Rain Maker

The most successful professionals are lifelong learners. With a market and industry that is constantly changing and evolving, it’s imperative that estate and letting agents stay up-to-date on growing trends, rules and regulations, and more. Agent Rain Maker is not just a site for estate agent marketing but also a valuable resource for letting agent training.

Agent Rain Maker has added over £50 million in revenue to thousands of agencies through its business coaching and letting courses. If you want to remain relevant in 2024 and beyond, investing in yourself is a must, and Agent Rain Maker has the resources you need to succeed.

Agent Rain Maker offers both in-person and online training courses for agents of all backgrounds and experience levels. As long as you’re eager to learn and have an open mind, you can benefit from the resources found on this site for estate agent marketing. While some estate agents choose to become members of the site and pay a fee, others can take advantage of the company’s free training courses.

With skills training and other online resources available, adding Agent Rain Maker to your wheelhouse of marketing tools can help you stay ahead of the curve and gain a leg-up on your competitors. 


Invest in Yourself and These 12 Sites for Estate Agent Marketing

Succeeding as a UK estate agent is a complex yet rewarding journey. It also takes a multifaceted approach to advertising, building brand awareness, and staying relevant. Any one of these 12 sites for estate agent marketing can help support your goals and provide you with valuable resources to make your agency dreams a reality! 


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