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Do you need more leads for your agency?

With nearly 19,500 estate agents in the UK, as a seller, finding one you can trust and afford can seem almost as daunting as finding the home of your dreams. Sellers need an agent with local knowledge, experience, and integrity. 

And if you’re an estate agent, getting sellers to use your agency is difficult!

As a seller, hire the wrong agent and you might end up overpaying for your next home or waiting months to find one. So, how do you weed out bad seeds and find an estate agent that fits your needs and budget?

One way is by using an estate agent comparison website like GetAgent or Rentround. Using a website’s comparison tool, you can browse numerous agents in your local area and see how they stack up against the competition. 

Comparison sites also work as lead generation platforms for estate agents. If you are an estate agent wanting to know how GetAgent can get you leads and the implications, read on!

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In this article, we’ll also discuss how GetAgent works, where they get their data from, and if it’s a reliable source for finding and getting reliable agents near you.

It’s important to note that while GetAgent offers numerous services, software, and data to help compare local estate agents, it doesn’t offer the same to property investors or landlords looking for a letting agent. For those in search of a reliable and experienced letting agent, you can use our comparison service at Rentround, we generate comparisons for both estate and letting agents. 


How does GetAgent help estate agents?

Getting vendor leads is a tough business. There’s so much competition out there that knowing where to focus marketing spend can be tricky.

GetAgent promote themselves as an easy way to find an estate agent by comparing, which vendors like!

Vendors in turn leave their property and contact details on the GetAgent platform. After a comparison is completed, an agent(s) has the chance to contact the seller to hopefully list their property.

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How does GetAgent get vendors to use their site?

The two main methods GetAgent get vendors to use their site are through television adverts (Channel 4 have equity in the company, more on that later) and paid online ads.

Television speaks for itself.

In terms of online ads, GetAgent targets various key terms such as “sell my property“, “how much are estate agent fees” and “estate agent near me” on Google.

When potential vendors see their ads, that could turn into a click and then potential a “lead” as the vendor may leave their details.

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What does GetAgent charge estate agents?

There is no listing fee for estate agents. Instead GetAgent charges estate agents a % of the completed sale, commonly around 0.25%.

GetAgent as part of their responses to reviews, state they do not encourage or endorse estate agents to increase their fees to compensate for their commission charge.


What is it and how Does it Work for Sellers?


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GetAgent is a UK comparison site that was launched in 2015. Since then, the company has helped over 400,000 homeowners sell their homes all across the UK. GetAgent does this by collecting and analyzing data and market trends to then compare estate agent performance. Based on a seller’s unique needs, GetAgent helps pair sellers with agents who are right for the job.

There are currently over 7,000 estate agents in the GetAgent database. The website also shows how much the agent charges so you can calculate this into your selling price and budget.

On the flip side, the platform generates leads for estate agents to get them more business and properties to sell.

Once you visit the GetAgent website sellers are asked to enter their postal code and a few other details about their property. Next, the seller just hits enter and waits for the site’s comparison tool to generate a list of agents in the local area.

GetAgent collects its data from across the most popular property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla, and On the Market. No agents pay to appear on their site and GetAgent receives a commission of the sale %.

So, what type of information does GetAgent collect for sellers? The first column of quote results will show the agent’s average selling time. For example, they normally sell a property within 6 weeks which is 7 weeks faster than average. The results also let sellers know how many properties the agent has recently listed. More importantly, the results tell what percentage of the sale price the agent takes and if they charge VAT (value added taxes). 

This fee averages about 20% of the purchase price for commercial or mixed-use properties. It’s also common with new buildings or those where the seller opted to tax. Not all agents charge VAT fees, but the GetAgent comparison tool will let you know if they do and how much you can expect to pay. 

GetAgent doesn’t include online estate agents. Therefore sellers looking to compare online agents may not get what they need from their comparison. 

Here’s a little more information about what each column on the GetAgent results page means.

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Free Quote

This number is how much the estate agent charges to sell a house if they’re the sole agent on the contract. GetAgent agents only charge sellers once they close a deal, meaning there are no upfront costs or deposits. The free quote includes photographs, floorplans, advertising, conducting viewings, and seeing the sale through from start to finish. This fee doesn’t include an EPC (a review of the property’s energy efficiency). 

Average Selling Time

The average selling time indicates how long, on average, it takes for the agent to remove your listing from the market. This doesn’t happen until the house is under contract with a buyer or the seller officially accepts an offer. If this result shows that the agent’s average selling time is short, it means they likely have effective marketing skills and list properties at a reasonable price. 

Number of Properties Listed

When it comes to choosing the right estate agent for a property, sometimes it’s as much about quantity as it is quality. The more homes the agent lists, the more experienced they are. It may also indicate that they’re in high demand because they deliver results and carry themselves professionally. 

GetAgent shows sellers how many properties the agent has listed in the last 6 months within 1 km of the listed property. GetAgent chooses this small radius so that the results are hyperfocused on the seller’s exact location but also large enough to show a clear picture of how active the agent currently is. Sellers should pay close attention to how many properties the agent listed that are similar to their own. Not only does this indicate they have experience working with these types of properties but they may even have an interested buyer already in their database. 

Percentage of the Asking Price

Lastly, this column shows what percentage of the original asking price the agent obtained for the seller. GetAgent uses the local Land Registry to confirm the final sale price. This is a good indicator of how well the agent is at valuing properties. As a rule of thumb, the closer they are to 100%, the better.

Benefits of Using GetAgent

Using GetAgent to compare estate agent fees gives sellers an in-depth look at multiple agents in the area to find the perfect fit. GetAgent does the legwork so that sellers can focus on more important things, like preparing their house for the big move or finding their next home in a new location.

Here are some other benefits of using this estate agent comparison website.

Side-by-Side Comparisons of Local Agents

One thing that sets GetAgents apart from other comparison sites is that they only compare agents within a 1 km radius of the listed property. That means sellers have access to nearby agents with local knowledge, connections, and experience. Sellers also receive a side-by-side comparison of agents, simplifying the selection process. GetAgent provides all the necessary information so sellers don’t have to spend hours searching different estate agents online and weeding through data, statistics, and reviews.

Fast Sales

For sellers looking to sell their homes fast, they can use GetAgent to find an agent that specializes in exactly this. Sellers can see, on average, how long it takes for each agent to sell a property. This is an especially useful tool if time is of the essence. 

Highest Sale Price

Some sellers rely on the sale of one property to buy the next. Or need to sell their home for a certain amount to pay off outstanding debts or a mortgage. On GetAgents, sellers can see which agents sold properties for the highest price. This could indicate one agent has better advertising techniques, professional connections, or sales techniques than another. For sellers that won’t settle for less than the asking price, this may be a deciding factor. 


GetAgent Reviews: Pros and Cons

Online reviews let sellers know what current and past customers and clients have to say about their experience with GetAgents. Based on recent reviews, most sellers report a positive outcome to using the site’s comparison tool. But, as with any online service, GetAgents has received a handful of negative reviews and complaints from customers.

As of this writing, GetAgent has a score of 4.6 out of 5-stars on Trustpilot and a rating of “excellent”. 

Here’s a brief summary of what people have to say about their experience with GetAgent. 

Positive Reviews

With such a high rating, GetAgent has received its fair share of positive reviews, with most users citing the following benefits:

  • Fast and efficient results
  • Easy to use 
  • Accurately compared agents in the local area
  • Up-to-date information about how the property listing stacks up against other, similar properties
  • Professional and helpful staff
  • Quick property sale
  • In-depth information about the entire sales process (from start to finish)
  • Prompt feedback

Even among GetAgent’s positive reviews sellers made a few suggestions about improving the process. These included:

  • Agents are less likely to negotiate their prices since GetAgent already takes a percentage (0.25%)
  • Some delays in receiving a callback 
  • Some negative interactions with agents (rude, rushed, no returned phone calls)

Negative Reviews

Before using GetAgent to find and compare local agents, it’s important for sellers to get a complete picture of the process and its services. Here are some less-than-satisfied customer complaints about the site and its agents. 

  • Little to no feedback on a listing even after several weeks (no viewings, offers, etc.)
  • Large commission fees for agents get passed onto the sellers
  • Lack of communication and response from the site or the selected agent
  • GetAgent contacted multiple agents with the seller’s personal information before the seller was prepared to move forward with the sale or make a final decision 
  • The site doesn’t allow sellers to simply research local agents without sharing your information with these agents who then aggressively contact sellers (spam calls)
  • The website’s results and progress updates are not up-to-date (for example, a house under contract is still showing that it could be sold within 4 weeks)

Regardless of the estate comparison tool or website you choose, sellers will report good and bad experiences. The key is to keep these in mind and keep an eye out for any red flags mentioned by previous clients. 


The Tech Behind GetAgent

So, now that we know what type of information GetAgent offers, let’s talk more about where they get their data from. The website’s agent comparison software is its main feature but it’s not the only high-tech tool at a seller’s disposal. GetAgent also uses a Live Listing Monitor. Utilizing factual data, the Live Listing Monitor helps sellers keep a close eye on their property listing, its performance, and how it stacks up against other similar properties. This is done using a mix of information from popular property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, and the Land Registry. 

As easy as this process is for sellers, a lot goes into collecting this data and generating these figures. The Live Listing Monitor uses complex software and several script programs that constantly run throughout the day, collecting and comparing data. All a seller has to do is enter the URL of the property listing and let the program do the rest. The Monitor runs this information against collected data, including the property’s UDPRN (unique delivery point reference number) to generate accurate, easy-to-understand information about the property listing. 

Once the results pop up, sellers can view the top three boxes which detail your property’s general performance, including the expected sell-by-date, how long it’s been live on the market, and the price. 


While there’s no sure-fire way to know exactly when a property will sell, GetAgent’s Live Listing Monitor software analyzes the local market and gives buyers an approximate date of when their property might sell. Sellers can monitor the information and see if the property is “on track” to sell when predicted. It also gives an average conveyancing time frame for the local area.

Time on the Market

This data tells sellers exactly how long their property listing has been live including the number of months, weeks, and days. Sellers can see the date the listing went live and the average selling time for other properties in the same area. 


Similar to the normal online listing, this monitoring tool lets sellers know the current asking price of their property. In addition, sellers can see if the price is higher or lower than other, similar properties currently for sale. By hovering over this statistic, sellers can see additional data including the average price of other local listings for a clearer picture of how their listing price stacks up. 

GetAgent’s Monitoring tool also has a section titled, “How’s your online advert doing?”. Here, sellers see a direct performance comparison between their listing and other current listings in the local area. Information is presented in four areas:

  • Total views: The total number of views a property gets 
  • Average views per day: The average number of views the listing gets per day
  • Number of days online: How long the listing has been live on the portal 
  • Overall performance: Sellers receive a rating based on the listing’s overall performance in comparison to other properties. Performance can range from “above average” or “average” to “could be better”. This information is crucial for making improvements to a listing. 

Some results are shown as a graph or chart. These results show the number of views a listing has received compared to other similar properties set against how many days both have been online. Many sellers find this visual breakdown of property performance very useful and easy to understand. 

This information is then used to generate a list of the top four agents performing in the local area. These rankings are based on the following information:

  • Average sale time
  • Number of properties listed
  • Percentage of asking price received 

If an agent excels in a particular area, the achievement will be listed beside their name. These include:

  • Most experienced
  • Fastest sales
  • Best value

The more achievements an agent receives, the better skilled they may be. It also indicates they’re performing at a higher level than other, comparable agents. One thing that GetAgents doesn’t show sellers is if the agent received any awards or special accolades. The only achievements sellers see are those mentioned above, which are given to the agents by GetAgent. 

Some homeowners want an agent who’s been recognized or commended for their work in multiple ways. To obtain this information, sellers will have to hit the internet and research each individual agent on their own. 


More About GetAgent

Here’s a brief look at how GetAgent started over 7 years ago and has grown to become one of the most popular online estate agent comparison websites in the UK.

September 2015

In late 2015, Seedcamp and Ascension Ventures signed on and enabled GetAgent to hire its first round of team members. 

January 2017

Less than 2 years later, GetAgent kicked off the year with 5,000 registered estate agents. 

May 2018

By May 2018, GetAgent hit the airwaves with its first TV ad and struck a deal with TV station channel 4. Soon after, they were broadcasting nationwide.

June 2018

Just 3 years after its launch, GetAgent successfully helped 500,000 homeowners find the right agent and sell their homes. 

December 2018

Channel 4 and Marchmont invested in GetAgent in December of 2018, leading the company’s seed round. Thanks to this backing, GetAgent was able to ramp up its TV advertising campaigns and experience continued growth.

February 2019

Just 7 months after GetAgent hit a 50,000 home seller milestone, the company doubled it, serving an impressive 100,000 clients. 

February 2020

A year later, GetAgent does it again! Doubling its number of home sellers from 100,000 to 200,000! 

March 2020

To support its growing business and team, GetAgent moved to a new office in March of 2020. Located by Old Street in London, this was a major upgrade for the agency which, prior to March 2020, was run strictly out of a co-working space. Sadly, their big move occurred just days before Covid-19 forced many of GetAgent’s workers back home.

October 2020

GetAgent added a new tool to its website by offering conveying comparisons. Sellers can now get quotes from highly-ranked and referred conveyancers, helping the sale price run even more smoothly than before.

January 2021

Even despite the Coronavirus pandemic and being forced to work mostly remotely, GetAgents added 100,000 new home sellers to its list. This is another 100,000 customer increase in less than a year, bringing the company’s grand total to 300,000.


Find a Local Estate Agent, Fast

We’re a very biased bunch at Rentround. So sellers looking to make a quick sale on their property and who want up-to-date information may find Rentround better to use 🙂

That being said, GetAgent’s website’s comparison tool and results page make it easy to see and compare the success of local agents in the area. 

In addition, for homeowners looking to let out their property, GetAgent doesn’t compare local letting agents and many estate agents don’t work with rental properties. If you need to find a reliable letting agent, you’re better off using Rentround’s comparison tool which shows you local letting agents’ fees, services, and other helpful information.

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