Letting agents thrive on finding new landlords. The market for rentals is highly saturated, not only with the usual suspects, but with a host of new online based letting agents hitting the market over the last few years.

Marketing to letting agents can be in many forms: expensive, cheap, those that require a lot of expertise and those that are very simple

We’ve put together a guide of 20 ways to market to landlords.

1 – Be Nice

People like being nice to their family & friends, while saving money. Offer up a referral scheme where if an existing client gets you new business, they and their referred party gets a discount

2 – Landlord Lead Generators

Use lead generator sites. Rent Round offers landlords the chance to compare letting agent fees & performance, in turn generating leads for letting agents. The low price of £29.99 a month is a bargain

3 – Builder Word Of Mouth

Builders & repair men are always in contact with landlords. Get them to offer up your services to their clients in exchange for a commission.

4 – Cleaning Firms

Get cosy with cleaning firms. These firms often clean out properties when rooms/properties are vacated. Get them to refer you to the landlords they come into contact with in exchange for a commission.

5 – Instagram Networking

Join local Instagram pages. There are always local Instagram pages covering local events. Either request a free shout out or compensate them for their time. This is a great way to market to landlords and avoiding hefty costs.

6- Get Insta Famous

On that note, make sure your regularly posting on your own Instagram page. If you haven’t got enough time to post daily, use a scheduling platform like Later. This software allows you to setup all your posts in one go, to then be sent out at your selected schedule.

7- Cough Up To Google

Probably one of the highest cost method of marketing to landlords… Pay Google. If you’re site isn’t very high in organic searches, you may need to use Goggle Ad Words to ensure when landlords are searching in your area for letting agents, your company appears at the top

8 – Network Locally

Local networking events are always a good way to meet new landlords. Although at generic networking events, the number of landlords won’t be substantial, remember getting to know 1 or 2 landlords with multiple properties can be very profitable.

9 – Advertise At The Supermarket

Old but gold, stick up your promotional material at local supermarket bulletin boards. There’s a ridiculous amount of footfall in supermarkets which you can take advantage of

10 – Get Chummy With Mortgage Advisors

Google “mortgage advisors near me”. Then reach out to them to organise a referral scheme which will help you market to landlords. You customer base will be the same, but you’re on opposite sides of the life cycle.

11 – Glam Up The Car

Be cheesy and stick your company logo and details on yours and your staff cars. No doubt as a letting agent you rack up many miles in your local area, with your marketing slammed all over your car its an easy way to get noticed by landlords.

12 – Door To Door Mail

An old school method, but mail dropping door to door, apartment to apartment is another way to market to landlords. Often you can get cheap distribution by providers distributing multiple leaflets across different companies at the same time.

13 – Make Friends With Your Landlords

Stay in contact with existing landlords. A quick phone call just to check in or asking how their portfolio is looking, keeps you in mind when the landlord next looks for a tenant.

14 – Watch Sales

Recently sold properties are a good way to contact landlords who may be on the look-out for a letting agent. It’s difficult to make contact outside of just turning up at the property and seeing if you can get lucky.

15 – Watch Renovations

Same as above but for properties being renovated. Landlords often renovate and/or increase property sizes before offering properties to tenants. Creating relationships before the property is ready can put you on the front foot.

16 – Cold Call

Contact landlords advertising their properties privately on local classified sections of newspapers. You’ll have to tell them the benefit of letting through your agency as opposed to going privately, but if you can convince them your letting agency fees are worth it and the landlord will benefit in the long term, a deal could be struck

17 – Auctions

Promoting at auctions are a no brainer. The place is filled with savvy landlords looking for a bargain. Hand out leaflets and network!

18 – Keys Please!

Key cutters are a regular place of visit for landlords. Changing locks & cutting new keys are common landlord activities! Getting your leaflets in these venues are an easy way to attract new landlords

19 – Locksmiths

Likewise, locksmiths have a lot of day to day contact with landlords. Setting up a referral scheme where they get a commission % of each successful leads can increase the number of properties you manage

20 Blog Blog & Blog!

The more content your website has about local property information, the better it will do to rank highly on Google organically and attract more landlords.

As we’re nice bloggers, here are some more ways to attract landlords to your letting agency!

21 – Estate Agents

Contact estate agents! Not all agencies are dual hatted, some only focus on selling property. However no doubt these estate agents have landlords asking about lettings. Rather than turn away these landlords, ask them to refer business to your letting agency in exchange for a nice commission.

22 – Appliance Stores

Landlords are always buying new appliances, so make sure you promote at these types of premises in as many ways as possible!

Partner your services with a local appliance sales or repair company where you recommend each other’s services. Most landlords will outsource repairs and it’s another great way to pick up landlords.

23 – DIY Stores

Likewise, leave your promotional material in your local DIY stores, these places are filled with annoyed landlords hurrying to buy materials to fix something. Seeing how your letting agency can take some of the landlord stress away is a perfect marketing opportunity!

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