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Every landlord wants to do something special for their tenants to make a memorable first impression once a let has been agreed.

There are plenty of ideas for creating a welcome package for your guests that makes them want to come back again and use your landlord services. But how can you prepare the perfect gifts and treats so they don’t look tacky? 

It’s a well-known fact that people looking for rental accommodations choose the one that is the most comfortable and convenient. This includes what it has to offer like appliances, utensils, and linens. 

Most tenants would appreciate a welcome package that includes basic cleaning supplies like sponges, paper towels, and even toilet paper. 

A welcome package doesn’t necessarily mean small gifts left in the apartment to cheer them up. It can also be something more valuable that they can use during their stay. 


The Welcome Package That Will Satisfy All Your Tenants’ Needs

Put yourself in the position of a tenant. Imagine what important things you’d need to make your stay in the apartment or dwelling feel like home. Start with basic necessities and practical items. 

Putting extra care into these little details will earn you the tenants respect in return. Mutual respect increases the chances that the tenant will take good care of your property (and remove the issue of taking damages out of a tenants deposit) and all of its contents. 

Let’s discuss some basic ways to create this positive, working relationship and ensure repeat customers. 

Here are some suggestions for ensuring that your tenant gets all the necessary things and feels at home. 

Provide a gift box for your tenants

Once you choose a tenant, create a gift box that includes coupons, cards, gift certificates, and even menus for local restaurants and eateries. Snacks and drinks make great additions to any welcome package. 

These are especially useful on the first day your guests arrive, since they’re likely hungry and tired after a long trip. 

Save them the time of finding a grocery store by leaving them a few items to snack on. 

This shows care and concern for their comfort. This type of gift basket shows tenants you’re willing to meet their needs, plus, it’s relatively inexpensive to put together. Get creative with the display and welcome message.

If you are using a letting agent, ask what their processes are when they are on board a tenant. You want to ensure that your agent is welcoming to tenants, to ensure longevity in their tenancy.

Take care of necessities

As mentioned above, tenants may need some basic items they left behind or didn’t realize they needed in the first place. Toilet paper, a bar of soap, toothpaste, and shampoo are sometimes left behind. 

By leaving some toiletries in the bathroom, you’re ensuring your guests have the basic necessities they need. 

Create a bathroom basket with a variety of soap, lotion, and other appropriate items. Your guests will be delighted to see you thought of their comfort and saved them a trip to the pharmacy for these must-have staples. 

It’s also one more way to ensure they have a positive experience.

Provide the necessary information

Move-in information is very important for renters to feel more secure in a new place. Leaving your contact information on a piece of paper or inside a notepad or journal you added to their welcome packet shows that you care about their safety and security. 

In addition be sure to include information about parking, laundry, mail delivery, and payment information. 

In case of emergency, assure your tenants that you will be available to help them and provide all local emergency numbers.

Ensure your paperwork is professionally written to set the right impression, check out some of the best essay writing services get the most out of your information packs

Consider exclusive package

Exclusive packages offer guests with even more gifts and free times. This gesture can significantly influence the occupant’s attitude in your favor. It will leave a lasting impression about both yourself and the property. It will also help strengthen your relationship and provide a memorable experience. 

Don’t neglect the opportunity to include gift cards to local restaurants or even to a spa for a relaxing massage or treatment. Interactive activities for kids are great for families. 

Parents will be grateful to see you care about the happiness and comfort of their kids as well. 

Moreover, it will help keep the children occupied while parents take care of settling in. Finally, present your tenants with a local guidebook. This is a helpful resource for getting to know the neighborhood and feeling more at home.

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