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Rentround FAQ’s

Landlord FAQ

Agent FAQ

How much are letting agent fees?

You can expect to be charged between £250 – £300 a month, for a fully managed property in London receiving £1,800 a month in rent.

Charges are different across letting agents and the final fees can fluctuate depending on the services you want a letting agent to do. The below services range between £100-£300 one of charges: tenancy agreement, inventory keeping, energy & gas certificates.

Use our letting agent fee calculator to estimate costs based on your own property

What does a property manager/letting agent do?

A property manager or letting agent will help you run your rental property. The types of services you take will differ, depending on your requirements.

They can find you tenants, run inspections, collect rent and manage deposits.

There is also a guaranteed rent service, where even if your property is left vacant, you will still get your rent

Find out more in our property manager and letting agent services article

How do I use Rent Round to find an agent to manage my property?

Simply click the search button after entering your postcode, services you want and your property details. Rend Round will then show you all the letting agents & property managers in your area.

You can then select a letting agent or property manager to contact you to discuss your requirements further.

The search didn’t show a property manager or letting agent in my area?

We will automatically see your search didn’t produce any letting agents or property managers in your area. We will then get in contact about further options for you.

Who do you give my details to?

We pass on your details to the property managers or letting agencies you have selected.

Occasionally we will also send your details to other agencies if your postcode search didn’t give any results.

How much do you charge landlords for using Rent Round to search for letting agents?

£0. We don’t charge landlords a penny

You removed my letting agency & gave me a refund?

We only do this if based on our agency vetting process, we came across poor feedback, therefore we must protect our landlords. Before doing this, we will always contact you to discuss the details

Do you restrict the number of property managers & letting agents per region?

Yes. We review each region and take a call on the number of agencies per area.

We don’t want to have too many agencies in one area as that dilutes value for our agencies.

How many postcodes can I add for my property/letting agency?

3 postcodes with a maximum radius of 25 miles.

If you have property management or letting agent branches that cover more than 3 zones, contact us on [email protected]

Why do you need my payment details for a free trial?

The internet can be a dodgy place. Taking card details ensures we are dealing with a real agent not spammers or bots

Secondly it streamlines the service for those keeping their subscription after the free trial.

We use PayPal as our payment portal, the most globally trusted payment portal.

I forgot to cancel my free trial?

No problem. We don’t want to make money from agents forgetting to cancel free trials. If you go over your free trial by accident, let us know and we will see what we can do

Can agents cancel their Rent Round subscription at anytime?

You can cancel at anytime, just let us know and we will remove your property manager or letting agency listing for you.

What commission does Rent Round charge agents for successful leads?

0%. We never take a commission from property managers or letting agents for successful landlord leads.

Our service is setup to be as simple to use as possible. No long term contracts or difficult to understand pricing structures.

We charge £49.99 a month. Just 1 successful lead from us would cover your costs if you decided to stay with us for an entire year!

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marta wonder

I got the best priced agent in my area with all the services I wanted. Using Rent Round I could see all the local agents in my area after just putting in my postcode.

Are you a letting agent?

    No cap on the number of leads you get in a month!
    Cancel anytime without obligation, no contracts locking you in
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    Keep all of the commissions you get from our landlords.