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Do you need more leads for your agency?

So you’ve been doing the hard work, creating blog content on your estate agency’s website and getting a decent amount of readers. Hopefully you read my estate agent blog post guide, which explains how to create & structure your blog to optimise your estate agency’s blog posts to get more readers.

But what now… How do you turn those readers into leads? 

It’s nice that your well written blog that may have had hours of research ploughed in is getting attention. But the bottom line is are you seeing a return on that effort.

You want leads that will result in you selling or letting out more properties from your articles. 

Below are my top tips to convert your blog posts into a critical component of your estate agency’s marketing to get leads.


1. Call To Action Buttons (CTA)

In your blog, ensure you’re using CTA buttons for your potential leads to utilise.

These are bold buttons that nudge the seller or landlord in the direction of signing up to your business or providing their contact details for follow up.

The buttons should be titled accordingly. 

On our pages trying to entice you lovely agents to sign up with Rentround to get leads, our button is rather clever named “Get Leads” 

So amply named buttons such as “Save Money”, “Sell Your Property Quickly” or “Find a Tenant” would relate to your readers and entice them to going through your sales/lead process.


2. Sign up for the “exclusive bits”

Your blog has got the attention of the reader and hopefully they’re enjoying your amazing tips or advice.

But what’s this as they scroll through your 20 tips on how to find the best estate agent… They need to register to see your amazing last 5 tips?

We’ve all been on the receiving end of this, either we say screw this, I’m leaving the page, or rather happily sign up and enjoy the rest of the post.

Including exclusive content within a blog post is a great way to get lead details.

If they’ve read to the bottom of the article, they no doubt are enjoying it. So having the remainder of the article behind closed doors, only available to readers who leave their details is a great way to capture potential leads.


3. Promote your service in the post

A cheeky plug here and there in your post is a good tactic to get landlords & sellers to buy into your service.

For example, you’ve created an article about how to find tenants quickly, obviously an attractive article for landlords with a vacant property.

In the article somewhere, stating your stats on how fast you are at getting tenants or how you can get a landlord’s property loaded up on Zoopla within 24 hours, that’s a good way to start getting them signed up to your agency.

Don’t over do it though. Going on and on about your agency’s best points can undervalue your blog post, then you’ll quickly lose credibility.

For the post you’re reading now, my target market is estate & letting agents looking to improve their marketing efforts.

So if I was to try to cheekily plug Rentrounds seller & landlord leads, I’d probably drop the below bullet points somewhere in the article

  • We generate 4,000 leads a month
  • Rentround is rated Excellent on TrustPilot
  • We’ve got some of the biggest names including Leaders, Belvoir & Northwood using our leads
  • Agents can get 25% off their first month using code 25LEAD
  • There’s no contract, just a rolling subscription cancellable at anytime
  • Sign up to our leads takes 5 mins and agents can start here

4. Anchor text CTA

This is similar to point 1, but instead of a button you have an anchor text.

So if you’re trying to entice your potential leads to download your seller guide, within the blog itself, you’d write:

Download our free seller guide

Which would then link to your form which requires the leads to enter their personal details to get the form.

Anchor text is a bit more subtle and less salesy than using CTA buttons, but of course not as prominent as CTA buttons.


5. Include internal links to other services

When searching the internet, you could really end up anywhere (let’s keep it clean!). So you could end up with a property owner who’s reading your article on how to sell a property, although they’re not looking to sell their property at all.

Be sure to link to other add on products in your article where possible.

Sticking to this example, linking to your insurance or mortgages landing pages (if you offer those) is a good way to cater for the different needs of your target market.


6. Follow that reader

Most of your reader won’t leave their details or sign up to your services. You’d have done a good job even if they read your entire post. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t follow up that lead.

Hopefully your techies have set up tracking on your site. This enables you to then retarget readers who leave your site.

On Google ads for example, you can set up your marketing in a way that when your former readers visit other sites or access their email, they see your ad.

Below is our retargeting ad. The ad is shown to people who visit our site on future sites they visit.

As the reader would have used your site already, they’d recognise your brand and therefore far more reciprocal to your ad. As a result they’re more likely to sign up to your services.

You can even set your Google ads up in way that you only pay for conversions (not clicks). So you only pay Google when you get paid customers.

The above may sound difficult and complex, but any marketing team who know half or what they’re meant to can set this up without any issues.


7. Use a hello bar

Notice the bar that’s on this blog asking if you want leads for your estate agency?

Both CTA buttons & anchor texts won’t always be on the potential leads screen, as they scroll up and down your blog.

But if you use a hello bar, the CTA button stays on screen wherever the reader goes.

Of course these hello bars are irritating and can ruin the aesthetic look of the blog post.

But constantly showing the message on screen, increases the chances of sellers & landlords starting your lead generation process.


8. Create a feeling of Reciprocity

We all feel obliged to people who have done something for us. You could state in your article, “I shouldn’t really be telling you this, but we’re always willing to negotiate fees as an agent…”

By giving these “insights” if makes the reader think you’re doing them a favour. As they owe you one now, they’ll be far more willing to part with their email & contact details


9. Create annoying pop ups

You can set pop ups to jump on the screen after a certain amount of time has elapsed or when the reader reaches a certain point on the blog post.

A pop up makes it convenient for a lead to give you their details. They don’t need to scroll or click anywhere and the fields they need to enter are right infront of them.

You can even create clever pop ups that jump out when the reader moves their cursor to the close screen button. This last ditch attempt to secure the lead needs to be something powerful. A discount or special offer are always good options. The reader is attempting to leave the site, so go all out.


10. Show off

If you’ve got a big social media presence, it builds credibility (weird considering how fake social media is… but that’s a rant for another day). 

By showing how many people follow you, have provided testimonials or are subscribed to you, it builds an impression of authority. Again, creating a far better platform to capture the lead.

We inherently trust an authority figure like a teacher, police officer, or doctor. So make yourself an authority in your industry or niche with frequent guest posts on authority sites, speaking at conferences and other events, engaging on social media, answering questions on sites like Quora, displaying your formal credentials and relevant training or experience, and more.

11. Be likeable

We’re always more trusting to sign up from someone we find agreeable and likable. Be friendly, positive, approachable, helpful, entertaining, relatable, and engaging in all your posts.

Estate agents get a rough ride unfortunately (not quite sure why, we find you all amazing). So showing off your locality, knowledge and willingness to go that extra mile in your blog posts for sure will boost your lead numbers).


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