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If you’re old enough to remember having to put a wire in your PC, disrupt the phone line and dial up to the internet, you know the real meaning of ‘slow’ internet.

The internet today compared to the good ol days is 1,000,000% better, but our reliance on the internet is probably 1,000,000% more as well.

As Covid-19 expedited the working from home movement, a lot of us are dependent on our internet connection significantly more vs 18 months ago.

Whether you’re buying a property or renting, the property’s internet speed or if the property eligible for fibre is an important question.

So where in the country do you get the best download speeds? Where in the country has the most constraints when it comes to faster connection products? Find the answers below.

[Full tables can be found at the bottom of this article]

Download speeds by region


Those living in the West Midlands receive the fastest download speeds compared to anywhere else in the country, with average download speeds of 82 Mbps, 6 Mbps more than the UK average.

Falling way off the mark is Wales, with 58 Mbps on average – a worrying metric if your day is filled with Zoom calls.

Northern Ireland is the lowest ranked area when it comes to Superfast availability (percentage of lines capable of receiving download speeds of at least 30 Mbps). This means appx 11% of people could face capacity issues during busy household periods.


Rank Name Average download speed (Mbps) Superfast availability
1 West Midlands 82.44622373 95.8%
2 London 78.26244368 96.2%
3 Yorkshire & Humber 75.52519988 95.7%
4 East of England 75.07357153 95.5%
5 North West 73.99252364 96.3%
6 East Midlands 73.92834986 95.8%
7 South East 71.59990657 95.6%
8 North East 71.59209714 95.4%
9 Scotland 70.40964759 92.9%
10 South West 64.83340989 91.8%
11 Northern Ireland 64.31738525 89.0%
12 Wales 58.26628198 93.2%


Download speeds by constituency


If you’re for a majority of time going to be working from home, then where you rent/buy may want to factor in the below table – it could be the difference between frantically trying to sit in random places in your house to get a better speed, or sitting in your tower looking down on those with straggling connection issues.

So the top ranked places for download speeds will be in and around London right? Well no, it’s glamorous Hull!

The city enjoys amazing average download speeds of 165.7 Mbps – maybe for those involved in the London exodus, Hull could be a good option?

Birmingham & York also fare well, with multiple areas of the cities in the top 15.

Within the M25, the best ranked areas are Richmond Park (69), Watford (70) and Twickenham (77).

On the lower end of the scale, Argyll and Bute, Tiverton & Honiton. Angus, Devon and Torridge & West Devon are ranked, with many probably pulling their hair out at average speeds of 37 Mbps across the 5 areas.


Rank Name Speed Superfast
1 Kingston upon Hull East 165.7 98.9%
2 Birmingham, Hall Green 160.9 97.8%
3 Birmingham, Selly Oak 150.5 96.6%
4 York Central 147.4 93.8%
5 York Outer 146.7 94.5%
6 Birmingham, Hodge Hill 146.4 99.5%
7 Welwyn Hatfield 137.6 97.5%
8 St Albans 135.4 97.4%
9 Birmingham, Ladywood 125.6 86.3%
10 Hitchin and Harpenden 114.5 95.1%
11 Birmingham, Edgbaston 111.6 94.4%
12 Haltemprice and Howden 109.2 96.1%
13 Birmingham, Yardley 108.2 98.8%
14 Filton and Bradley Stoke 106.8 98.3%
15 Great Grimsby 105.4 98.0%


How does the UK compare vs the rest of the world?


Well, not well at all.

In Singapore residents enjoy a whopping speed of 226 Mbps, followed closely by Hong Kong (210 Mbps) and Romania (193 Mbps).

The United Kingdom, as technologically advanced as we think we are, sits 48th in the world, out of 138 ranked countries. 

Rank Country Average download speed (Mbps)
1 Singapore 226.6
2 Hong Kong 210.73
3 Romania 193.47
4 Switzerland 178.81
5 Thailand 175.22
6 France 173.05
7 Denmark 162.08
8 Monaco 162.06
9 Hungary 161.51
10 United States 161.14
11 Spain 157.22
12 Liechtenstein 156.94
13 Sweden 156.34
14 South Korea 155.39
15 Macau 154.57
48 United Kingdom 75


Sources & Data Tables

Analysis of Ofcom’s Connected Nations Open Data, World Population Review, Center on Technology, Data and Society



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