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Congratulations on signing up to Rentround.

We have a list of key points/FAQs below that will help you understand how we work and how to manage leads as best as possible

How do I see my leads?

The leads are emailed to you directly as landlords & sellers use our comparison site.

They’ll come from 2 emails: [email protected] and our affiliate platform [email protected].

Please add these to your white list to ensure the lead emails do not go to your spam list.

If you’re unsure how to do this, check out this guide


Does the lead need to choose my agency in order for me to get their details?

No. Often leads use our comparison system but leave without selecting an agent to contact.

As per our terms, we then choose 2 agents to send the leads details to for further contact.

So the conversation isn’t “thanks for choosing our agency, how can we help you?”

It’s in most cases “We saw you run a comparison on Rentround/Compare agent fees, can we discuss how our agency may be able to help?”


Can I get more leads?

Certainly. Some agents get 50, 100 or upwards of 2,000 leads a month from us.

To scale up on our leads, we have a cost per lead model.

We agree on how many leads you want and a price per lead. Once that’s agreed, we’ll deliver your agency more leads within a 4 week period.

We do this by targeting your area more aggressively with our promotions, which pulls in more leads.

This only works for agents in certain areas, covering upwards of a 5 mile radius.

To find our more, contact Raj Dosanjh (founder of Rentround):

[email protected]

Schedule a call

Call on 0203 488 4400


How many agents are the leads shared with?

Unless the lead selects more, it’s in most cases only 2 agents.


Some of the leads aren’t responsive or claim not to have used a comparison site?

Admittedly a proportion of our leads will be unresponsive, may have entered fake details or deny ever have used a comparison site. 

Our website checks that the lead’s telephone number is a live number that’s assigned to a UK network. 

However that doesn’t stop leads guessing a number or entering someone else’s (which explains why some leads deny using our platform when you call them).

We always seek to improve lead quality. While a proportion of our leads don’t work out, a vast majority of agents get a great return when joining our platform.


Any tips when talking to the leads?

Sure, some tips below (you probably do these things already, but just in case)

  1. Speed when calling the lead is essential. You’re not the only agent they may be speaking to
  2. Fees aren’t always the key attribute to impressing the lead. Your performance, brand name, proximity to the property etc are all vital. Our best converting agents commonly aren’t the cheapest
  3. Follow ups help conversions. Some of our leads are early in their journey. They may not need a tenant until a ew months or haven’t even bought a property yet. Schedule follow ups or automated emails to try and convert these leads later down the line


I’m getting leads too far out of my area?

This can be easily fixed. You simply need to login and update your postcode preferences

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