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Meta Description: Read on to learn more about furnishing rental properties in a stylish,  sustainable and cost-effective way.

One of the most effective ways for landlords to boost their rental income is by offering fully furnished properties. This allows you to charge higher rental rates and open your property to a large market of potential tenants who appreciate and value the convenience of ready-to-move spaces. 

When furnishing a rental property, exploring upcoming sales for big-ticket items, like The Good Guys fridge sale, is the best way to maximise your budget without compromising on quality. This gives you more flexibility to splurge on the finishing touches that will make your house into a home. 

Fully Furnished vs. Partly Furnished

When it comes to listing a rental property, it’s crucial to grasp the nuances between fully furnished, partly furnished, and unfurnished properties. This understanding ensures that potential renters have a clear picture of what they can expect. 

Traditionally, a furnished property will be equipped with essential electrical appliances, white goods, and basic furniture like beds, sofas, and a table. Partly furnished rentals will only include white goods, lighting fixtures and essentials like curtains and kitchen cabinets. It may consist of other furniture items the landlord has chosen to include, but it is not an obligation. 

Unfurnished properties will only have the very basics of a home, such as light fittings, carpets and essential appliances like a stove and oven. 


Neutral Colour Schemes

In order to appeal to a broader range of preferences, it is strongly recommended to stick to a neutral colour scheme throughout the house. It allows you to create a modern and timeless design and stops the need for frequent redecoration when the time comes for someone new to move in. 

Furthermore, opting for furniture pieces in a neutral colour scheme allows you to mix and match pieces in each room with relative ease, which will further appeal to potential tenants. 


Durable Furniture.

Investing in durable furniture is an essential component of furnishing rental properties in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Pieces made with durable and high-quality materials can typically withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday living. 

Furniture made with easy-to-clean fabrics and solid wood or metal frames tend be long-lasting and easy to maintain, helping you save money in the long run by avoiding frequent and unwanted replacements. 


Consider DIY Projects

If you are looking for ways to save money, consider embarking on a selection of DIY projects to customise existing furnishings or give much-needed makeovers to second-hand gems you find in your local thrift store. 

Simply repainting an old dresser or switching out the hardware around the property can provide a refreshing new aesthetic with minimal time and effort. With a little creativity, you can quickly transform inexpensive pieces into stylish and chic additions.

Provide the Basic Staples

When furnishing a kitchen, it is crucial to provide basic crockery, cutlery and other cookware that tenants are unlikely to own themselves. Pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, silverware, plates and bowls are among the basic staples many tenants expect in a fully furnished home. 

Additionally, commonly used appliances like stoves and ovens, fridges, toasters, microwaves, kettles, and washing machines are typically provided in the kitchen. 

Add Personal Touches

If you want to enhance the overall appearance of your rental property that allows you to add a unique and personal touch without blowing your budget, consider adding accessories that inject colour, interest and life into an otherwise neutral environment 

Items like decorative pillows, beautiful artwork, lush floor rugs, and dramatic curtains can instantly transform a room, making it warm and welcoming. Not only are these items more affordable, but they can easily be switched out with the changing of seasons or festive holidays throughout the year. 

Multifunctional Pieces

The easiest and most cost-effective way to maximise space and versatility in a rental property of any size is by choosing multifunctional furniture items that serve multiple purposes in everyday use. 

For example, sofa beds can serve as comfortable seating and an additional sleeping option for overnight guests, while storage ottomans can be used as footstools, extra seating, and a convenient place to store accessories like knee blankets and extra throw pillows as needed. Multifunctional pieces are hugely beneficial to smaller properties where space is limited. 

Budget-Friendly Options

When furnishing a rental property, it is vital to avoid falling into the misconception that you need to blow your decorating budget to make the home appealing to potential tenants. Instead, you should take the extra time to hunt for affordable furniture options that don’t compromise on quality. 

If you are unsure where to start, head to local second hand stores or consignment stores, or browse online marketplaces for good-quality secondhand items looking for a new home. Additionally, you can take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts at your local retailer to secure the best deal within your budget. 

Replaced Furnishings

Old stained carpets, ripped upholstered furniture, and drab curtains will do nothing to support your property’s appeal when looking for new tenants. While many styling experts suggest purchasing durable furniture and finishes to guarantee an extended lifespan, many rental agencies recommend replacing most furniture items after seven years, including old carpets, outdated light fixtures, and frequently used appliances.

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