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The most in searched for keywords in the property industry

It’s estimated that Google runs ~70,000 searches per second which is 5.8 billion searches per day! Meanwhile the average person conducts between three and four searches each day. 

For estate & letting agents wanting to get more site traffic, whether it’s paid or organic traffic, it’s vital to understand details of keywords being used by the target market (landlords, sellers & tenants).

For some keywords, showing you add will cost as little as 30p. Whereas on the other end of the scale, showing your ad for a certain keyword (revealed later in this artice) will set you back £40.57 per click!

The data behind the words that are being searched for in Google play a key role in estate & letting agent marketing, advertising budgets and overall creating more business.

But what are the most searched for keywords in the property industry? And which words are the most expensive to show an agents adverts (and why)? 


Property industry Keywords

Not all words are created equally. Some have a handful of searches per month, while others have 100,000+.

But it’s not that simple. A handful of niche keywords may be all that some agents need.

The keyword ‘online estate agent’ has 6,600 searches a month. If you own a small estate agent in Torquay, it wouldn’t be sensible to target getting this type of search traffic.

Firstly you’ll get traffic from areas that you don’t cover. Secondly the level of competition for this keyword is high – so the effort & cost of ranking for that keyword wouldn’t be worthwhile. 

Finally the cost of £3.95 is on the higher end of the price scale, if paying for clicks was an avenue the agent wanted to take.

It’d be far more feasible if our example agency targeted the words ‘best estate agency in Torquay’ or ‘Torquay estate agent’.

While the level of searches per month are a lot lower, the keyword enables the agency to focus on their area and the competition & cost is a lot lower


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The most expensive estate agent related keywords

The most expensive keyword related to estate agents is ‘Purple bricks estate agents’, with the top position bidding around £12.47 per click.

A quick search on the keyword shows the below result

Interestingly, the level of competition for this keyword is shown as ‘low’

This means there are a small number of companies competing for the keyword, but they are bidding very high amounts. 

The high bids indicate that the keyword leads to a high conversion rate of instructions. 

Purplebricks bidding for their own name makes sense and is common practice. Competitors will be setting up their own ads to target searches for Purplebricks (as per the image above) in an attempt to capture some of their potential clients.

Google will recognise that the term ‘Purplebricks estate agent’ is more relevant to Purplebricks’ webpage as opposed to its competitors.

As a result, Purplebricks can actually bid lower than its competitors for the keyword ‘Purplebricks estate agents’ and still rank higher.


But the real winner is…

If you move away from the terms around the words ‘estate agent’,  there’s a load more expensive bunch of keywords that estate agents are bidding on.

These are terms related to selling a house quickly.

The highest term (although not best use of grammar, but who cares) is ‘Sale my house quickly’, with a massive £40.57 per click.

Agents clearly have marked this word as one that converts into instructions well. Users using this term are clearly looking for an agent to sell ASAP.

Agents are therefore willing to bid vast amounts to get instructions. 

With the volume of searches for this term quite low, less than 20, agents won’t be expecting many clicks per month on their ads related to selling a property quickly.

The most searched for estate agent keywords

‘House for sale’ is the most common search term related to estate agents, with 440,000 searches per month.

But it’s relatively cheap, at £1.36 per click.

With this type of term most likely run by buyers, agents may be veering towards keeping their budgets focused on targeting sellers – choosing to rely on the portals to source buyer leads for them instead.


HOW IN DEMAND IS THE word ‘Estate agent’?

If we look at the keyword ‘estate agent’, it has 110,000 searches per month, but again, it’s not the most expensive.

A potential reason is that it’s very generic. An estate agents ad campaign may be targeted towards sellers of a property to get more instructions. 

This keyword due to how generic it is, may bring traffic of buyers of properties, something some agents may not be too keen on spending money on. 

In addition agents are likely to target regional variations of the term, for example, ‘estate agents in London’ to pinpoint sellers in their targeted regions.



The low down on letting agent keywords

So in the same way we looked at estate agent keywords, what are the most popular & most expensive letting agent terms?

The most popular term is ‘rightmove rental’, with the top 5 made up of searches by people looking for somewhere to rent, as would be 

The term ‘letting agent’ has 14,800 searches, which is the most likely first entry letting agents would be interested in, if looking to gain more instructions. 

In terms of the most expensive, UPAD has some interesting entries. The term ‘UPAD rightmove’ is the most expensive, with 3 of the top 4 most expensive terms including the word UPAD.

‘Office spaces for rent’ is a big player in the letting agent keyword world. The term is priced at £17.23, but also has a high competition marker, indicating there are a number of agents bidding for this keyword, most likely looking to take advantage of the commercial property profit margins.



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