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As the name suggests, LettingaProperty is an online letting agency that helps landlords find reliable renters for their property. Similar to many other UK agencies, LettingaProperty also offers a property search feature for tenants looking for the perfect place to call home. 

But what sets this agency apart from the rest? And how much will it cost you to utilize the website’s services? Let’s take a closer look. 


About Letting a Property

LettingaProperty was founded in 2008 and launched in 2009 by Director Jonathan Daines and his brother, Director of the Services Sector, in 2009. Since then, the platform has helped thousands of landlords and tenants learn how to use the property and get the most out of their experience. One impressive accomplishment to note is that the very first landlord to ever use LettingaProperty is still using the platform’s services to this day.

LettingaProperty prides itself on offering outstanding customer service in the hopes of securing repeat customers and creating a base of loyal landlords and tenants. As of this writing, nearly 96% of all landlords renew their services each year. 

And it’s not only customers that are taking notice. LettingaProperty is also recognized as a leader in the property market, receiving the Landlord Buy to Let Award for ‘Best Website’. The platform also won the Good Web Guide’s Property Website of the Year, which is one reason the agency is known for its easy to use and navigation system. 

LettingaProperty has also earned top marks in a recent Property Ombudsman survey with over 98% of customers referring friends and family to the agency. In addition to the Property Ombudsman, LettingaProperty is a member of other notable organizations including The UK Association of Letting Agents, Safe Agent, and the National Landlords Association

LettingaProperty’s main goal is to offer landlords quality service and numerous options for letting and managing their properties at an affordable cost. The agency strives to provide an alternative to costly and disappointing high street agents. Through routine testing and website feedback, LettingaProperty works to improve the life of both landlords and tenants.

One way they achieve this is through up-to-date technology, a cost-efficient infrastructure, and letting knowledge. Customers receive all of this without the exorbitant administrative costs associated with most high street agents.


LettingaProperty Customer Reviews

Now that you know what services and tools LettingaProperty has to offer, let’s see what real users and customers have to say about their experience with this online letting agency.

With only 20 reviews on Trustpilot, prospective landlords don’t get a complete picture of what the agency has to offer. However, on the platform, the company currently has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating, with 60% of customers rating the company as “excellent”

Positive Reviews on Trustpilot

  • Emails answered promptly and accurately
  • Professional and attractive adverts and photos
  • Quick, clear, and concise instructions and outcomes
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Letting a Property has more reviews on (627) where they also have a 4.9 out of a 5-star rating. Much of the positive feedback on this review site mirrors what satisfied customers on Trustpilot had to say. The agency received most 4 and 5-star ratings on this particular platform.

If you’re a landlord looking for help and support letting out a property or a tenant looking for the perfect place to call home, Letting a Property could help. Their reviews are positive and paint a picture of Letting a Property edging ahead of either online letting agents such as Howsy, Purplebricks and OpenRent. Be sure to choose the plan and add-on services that make the most sense for your budget and bottom line.


Available Plans and Pricing for Landlords

When choosing a letting agency, the first question most landlords have is, “How much are the fees?”. Here are a few package and pricing options for landlords from Letting a Property.

Find a Tenant

The Find a Tenant feature gets you an 8-week listing on Zoopla, Rightmove, and Prime location for a single, one-time payment of  £149. You’ll also all inquiries via text and email and access to the landlord dashboard where you can make edits 24/7. 

Basic Plan

This is the most basic plan available from LettingaProperty and will cost you £39 per month plus £99 in advertising fees. Not only will you receive advertisements on Rightmove and Zoopla but professional tenancy setup, rent management, and all legal expenses covered.

Other features include:

  • Tenant referencing
  • Holding deposit services
  • Rent management
  • Access to a digital tenancy agreement 
  • Coverage for legal fees and potential eviction expenses

Essential Plan

If you want a plan that offers slightly more than the Basic Plan, you can opt for the Essential. For £59 a month plus £99 in advertising fees, you’ll get all the benefits of the Basic Plan plus essential rent protection. 

Other features include:

  • Dispute resolution (legal, deposit, and property)
  • Health and safety coverage

Complete Plan

Last but not least is the Complete Plan for LettingaProperty. When you sign up for this plan, not only do you receive all the services offered by the Essential Plan but also complete rent protection and 24/7 home emergency coverage. 

The Complete Plan is £99 a month plus £99 for advertising. Landlords will also enjoy complimentary tenant renewals and re-advertising.


How It Works: A Guide for Self-Managing Landlords

If you’re a landlord who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, LettingaProperty has plenty of services to fit your needs and budget. Check out some of their most popular options below.

Advertising on the Most Popular Sites and Property Portals

Getting your listing in front of as many prospective tenants as possible is most landlords’ main priority. LettingaProperty helps with this by creating a personal dashboard where you can check and monitor how your listing is performing.

After creating an account, simply log in and create, edit, and then publish your listing on all of the main property portals including Zoopla, Rightmove, and Prime Location. LettingaProperty also offers photography services and a 3D virtual tour you can add to your advert. 

Find and Reference Tenants

Once you find a reliable tenant, it’s time to do a background check. You need to ensure that your prospective renters have the funds to pay their rent in full and on time. When you purchase any of LettingaProperty’s letting plans, which start at as little as £39 a month, you also receive two comprehensive reference checks for free. This includes an employment check, landlord reference, and a 6-year credit check.

Staying Safe and Compliant

The team at LettingaProperty will draft a professional tenancy agreement that you and your tenant can sign electronically. They’ll also take care of the tenant’s deposit by placing it into the Deposit Protection Scheme and make sure all your other legal paperwork is in order.

Rent Protection

When you upgrade to the Complete Plan on LettingaProperty (more on this in a minute), you receive rent protection to guarantee you receive your payment every month, on time. This feature also protects landlords up to £50,000 in the event of an eviction or legal dispute.

24/7 Emergency Home Coverage

Maintenance and repairs are a huge responsibility for landlords and, sometimes, an inconvenience. Another feature of LettingaProperty’s Complete Plan is 24/7 Emergency Home Coverage. 

That means that if something major happens at your rental property, like a burst water pipe or broken furnace, the company will contact a qualified tradesperson at any time of day to make the necessary repairs. This add-on includes an unlimited number of claims up to £500.

Other Products and Services for Landlords

In addition to their monthly packages and plans, Letting a Property also offers individual products and services for landlords. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available.

Electrical Installation Report

An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a formal document that assesses the safety of the electrical installations within a property. Landlords must have a report done before moving new tenants in and once every five years. For an additional £149 (including vat fees), you can add this service to any bundle.

When you do, you’ll also have an accredited engineer perform a fault find plus diagnostic test. Engineers can also perform a PAT test at the same time which accesses the safety and functionality of all the property’s appliances. 

Gas Safety Certificate

Another legal requirement that LettingaProperty can help with is a Gas Safety Certificate. For a fixed rate of £69 including vat fees, a Gas Safe registered engineer will visit the property and perform an inspection. You can also add boiler service and receive all certificates digitally for convenient download. 

Energy Performance Certificate

Every landlord must provide their tenants with an EPC that proves the rental property is safe and up to electrical code. Similar to the EICR, this can be performed by a quality energy inspector for an additional £149 (including vat fees).

LettingaProperty uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your rental property is safe. They even provide advice on how to improve your energy efficiency. 

Landlord Inventory Services

For landlords renting fully furnished property, you’ll want to perform a thorough inventory check before handing over the keys. If the contents of the home are damaged during the tenancy agreement, you can legally keep the tenant’s deposit. An inventory report goes a long way in getting you the money and compensation you deserve for lost or stolen property.

The service professional will take photos and read all smoke alarms. You can also approve the list digitally. This add-on feature costs £99 including vat fees.

Property Photos and Virtual Tour

Speaking of photos, studies show that nearly 90% of renters and home buyers rely on photos of the property to make their final decision. This means if you want your listing to get noticed, you need high-quality photos that show your property in the best possible light.

For £109 including vat fees, you can not only add photographs to your package but also a virtual tour for safe and easy viewings. Landlords receive 10 high-quality photos that you get to keep and use however you so choose. You’ll also receive your photos within 48 hours. 

Accompanied Viewings

Not all landlords are comfortable performing their own viewings. If this describes you, you may want to add accompanied viewings to your bundle. This is also an ideal option for overseas landlords and property owners.

For just  £59 (including vat) a professional viewing clerk will assist you. You can purchase a single viewing session or a bundle of 5 which totals one hour of time. It’s important to note, though, that this option is only available if you sign up for one of LettingaProperty’s other plans.

Mid-Term Inspection

Also known as a mid-term report, a mid-term inspection means visiting and assessing your property during the middle of a tenancy agreement to ensure that it’s in good condition. A routine visit lets you check up on your tenants and make sure they’re caring for the property in a satisfactory way. It’s recommended that all landlords perform a mid-term inspection every 6 months. 

This can be difficult for many landlords, especially if your property is located overseas or far from your place of residence. When you pay £79 (including vat fees), an accredited clerk (AIIC) will visit your property and make sure it’s in good condition. This is especially helpful if there’s ever a dispute over the security deposit.

Check-Out Inspection 

When the tenancy agreement comes to an end, you’ll want to inspect the property again to ensure that it’s in acceptable condition before returning the tenant’s security deposit. This is especially important if you’ve let a furnished home or flat. 

Another report that’s vital for deposit disputes, you can schedule a check-out inspection for £99 including vat fees. Similar to a mid-term inspection, this is carried out by an accredited clerk (AIIC) so you can rest assured the job’s done right. 

Premium Listings on Popular Property Portals

Upgrading your regular listing on popular property portals can increase your views and clicks by up to 35%. For £99 including vat fees, you’ll receive a premium ad on Rightmove and Zoopla along with 4 photos on the search page. This will not only help you stand out from the competition but land reliable tenants, faster.

Portable Appliance Test

If you only need a PAT (portable appliance test), you can pay £69 to add it to your current plan or services. It’s recommended all tenants get this inspection done every 12 months. During a PAT, a professional inspector will perform safety checks on all appliances, replace any fuses or plug tops that need replacing, and perform both a visual inspection and an earth test.

Legionella Risk Assessment and Management

Legionella is a potentially harmful bacteria found in bodies of freshwater that can cause Legionnaires’ disease. In order to safely let your property, landlords must before a Legionella risk assessment and produce a safety report. It’s recommended you perform these checks every 2 years.

You can pay LettingaProperty £129 including vat fees to perform a full water system risk assessment. A professional assessor will visit your property and ensure that the water supply is safe to use.

Comprehensive Tenant Referencing

Finding the right tenants can be difficult and stressful. You need responsible renters who pay on time and treat your property like their own. 

The professionals at LettingaProperty will perform a 6-year credit check and check both employment and landlord references. Comprehensive tenant referencing is a requirement for any plans that include guaranteed rent. The price of this service is £49 including vat fees.

Tenancy Deposit Protection

When you collect a deposit from your tenants, it’s your legal responsibility to place it in a government-approved redress scheme within 30 days. Avoid the hassle and legal trouble by letting your agency take care of this for you.

Priced at £149, this bundle add-on includes registering your deposit with the DPS, sending a certificate of the deposit to your tenants, drafting the necessary paperwork, and collecting digital signatures. LettingaProperty also provides phone support when needed.

Tenancy Agreement Drafting

The tenancy agreement between a landlord and renter is one of the most important pieces of documentation you can have. It outlines everything from when the rent is due and how much it is to when the agreement ends and what’s considered a violation. 

For just £179 (including vat fees), you can ensure that the agreement is legal, clear, and binding. LettingaProperty will provide a watertight and up-to-date agreement that includes a GDPR privacy policy and guarantor agreements. Both you and your tenant can use digital signatures to conveniently finalize the deal.

To-Let Board and Installation 

As important as your online presence is, a to-let board on the outside of your property garners attention from those passing by and drums up interest and buzz within the neighborhood. Erected within 7 days of placing your order, you can pay £49 (including vat fees) for a quality to-let sign. LettingaProperty will also remove the sign once you’ve found a tenant and signed an agreement. 


Rental Valuation and Savings Calculator 

Before you even start looking for tenants, you need to know what your rental property is worth. This helps you advertise it properly and choose a reasonable rental amount. LettingaProperty’s rental calculator tool gives you insight into the value of your property based on its size, location, and other features. The website’s savings calculator helps you determine your expenses, overhead and projected income as a landlord.


Tenant Services

LettingaProperty isn’t just for landlords. The platform also offers tenant services to help connect landlords with reliable, serious prospects. 

The main feature for tenants on the site is the search tool. Here you can easily search properties in your local area and sort by price, size, and availability. Once you see something you like, LettingaProperty will help facilitate the communication between you and the landlord.



What is LettingaProperty?

LettingaProperty is a website designed for landlords and tenants. The site helps landlords advertise their properties, find and choose the most suitable tenant, and get paid on time. Tenants can use the site to search for available properties, book viewings, apply for rent, and manage future payments.

Who owns letting a Property?

LettingaProperty was founded by two brothers – Jonathan and Matthew Daines in 2008.

How much does LettingaProperty charge?

LettingaProperty offers several packages. Each plan is priced per property and includes online tenant referencing, a contract generator, rental payments may via OpenBanking, free tenancy renewals, and LetsProtect. The Basic package costs £39 per month, the Essentials package is £59 per month, and the most popular and extensive Complete package will run you £99 a month.

Is Letting a Property trustworthy?

According to most online reviews, LettingaProperty is a solid, reliable online letting agency. Their flexible service allows landlords to build customized packages that fit their needs and budgets.

How does LettingaProperty work?

LettingaProperty lets you create a free online account and upload photos and videos of the propert you want to rent out. You can also pay for LettingaProperty to take professional photos for you. After you upload your photos, your listings will appear on Rightmove, Zoopla, and PrimeLocation. Management is up to you. You can self-manage tenances, payments, and compliance requirements. Using the online dashboard, landlords can monitor every step of the rental process and take advantage of LettingaProperty’s customer support when needed.

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