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Rental properties offer great opportunities for tenants, landlords, and property investors. Whether you’re a tenant looking for a new home, a landlord that needs help to find reliable tenants, or an investor in search of fully-managed services, websites like Mashroom can help.

As a disruptor agent, charging zero or low letting agent fees, a lot of eyes are peering at Masroom. Whether the new online letting agent can challenge the big dogs Purplebricks, Howsy and OpenRent remains to be seen.

With a variety of services from property insurance and mortgages to tenant referencing, Mashroom strives to simplify the rental process from both sides. As a landlord, this user-guided platform puts you in the driver’s seat of your listing, contracts, and payments. Tenants can get real-time updates regarding newly listed rentals, price drops or increases, and more. 

Another unique feature of Mashroom is the instructional and informational webinars it hosts through the website and online dashboard. A platform developed by landlords for landlords, Mashroom strives to educate property owners so they can maximize their earning potential.

Keep reading to learn more about this company and if it’s the best fit for you.


About Mashroom

Mashroom is a platform where landlords can find tenants they trust and tenants feel comfortable and at home. Here, the rental process is more than just a business transaction. It’s about building relationships between two people and the place they call home.

Mashroom gives compassionate landlords, property owners, and tenants the freedom to handle tenancy agreements on a  more personal level. Mashroom’s services are rooted in transparency and focus on building long-lasting relationships built on trust. 

But Mashroom isn’t just about a personal experience. The platform also leverages cutting-edge technology and offers free tools for both landlords and tenants.

The user-friendly online dashboard offers communication and management tools to keep your tenancy on track. Increased communication and transparency are just some of the ways that Mashroom works to level up the letting and renting experience. 

By improving security, communication, and trust between tenants and their landlords, strong bonds develop that extend far beyond the end of the tenancy agreement. Additional services include deposit replacement schemes and tenant team-ups.

The Mashroom team is comprised of experienced landlords including:

  • George Sinclair (Sales Director and Webinar Host)
  • Siobhan Huston (Customer Support and Landlord Advice)
  • Nikki Poulton (Content Writer and Landlord Breaking News)
  • Adam Male (CRO, Webinar Host, and Landlord)

Mashroom Reviews: Pros and Cons

So, what are real users saying about Mashroom’s services? Here are some positive and negative reviews to consider before you make a decision on which letting agency in the UK to use. 

Out of 128 reviews on Trustpilot, Mashroom currently has 4.3 stars and an excellent rating. Some of the features people like most about the platform include:

  • Smooth service
  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Helpful webinars
  • Great customer service
  • Lots of interest was generated for property listings
  • Constructive feedback from professionals 

Some of the negative reviews on Trustpilot cited issues logging into the company’s webinar or getting kicked off midway through. Others claimed they received incorrect login credentials and information. One user reported trouble with the website’s insurance policies and an inability to contact an emergency service member or contractor using the provided number. 


For Landlords

From property listings and tenant referencing to safety certificates, Mashroom offers a variety of free and paid services for landlords and property owners. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular and their associated costs. 


Mashroom will advertise your property on Zoopla and Rightmove for 30 days for free. With millions of prospective tenants visiting these portals every day, your property will gain maximum exposure.

On average, it only takes 14 days to find a tenant but if you think you need more time, you can advertise on these portals for an additional 30 days for just £29. 

Photography and Floor Plans

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to advertising your rental property, a quality picture can be the difference between getting multiple offers or facing a long-term vacancy. 

For £99, a team of professional photographers will take high-quality photos and create a detailed floor plan that shows your rental in the best possible light. Increasing not just the number of viewings and inquiries you receive but also the pool of viable candidates.


As a landlord, it’s your legal obligation to ensure the property you’re letting is safe and up to code. Two must-have certificates are an EPC (energy performance certificate) and gas safety. An EPC determines the energy efficiency of your home, whereas a gas safety certificate ensures that all pipes and gas-related appliances are up to code and in good working order. 

Before your tenants can move in, you need qualified professionals to inspect and approve the property’s electric and gas. Mashroom will arrange these important inspections for you. An EPC will cost you £69 and you’ll receive your gas safety certificate for just £79.

Tenant Referencing

Before you can even think about moving tenants into your property, you need to find reliable ones. Mashroom offers tenant referencing services for £15 per tenant. The platform will check the candidate’s credit history, affordability rating, Right to Rent, and more giving you peace of mind that you’re only letting to the best.

Rental Security 

Landlords can obtain 12 weeks of rental protection/rent guarantee at no additional cost. Tenants save by not paying a large upfront deposit, which makes your property more appealing than your competitors. As a landlord, you receive even greater protection than what’s normally offered from a security deposit. 

Holding Deposit and Tenancy Agreement

These are two more free services landlords can take advantage of through Mashroom’s dashboard. When a renter commits to your property and pays a deposit, Mashroom will collect and secure it for you. 

It’s also important to secure and finalize the terms of the tenancy agreement before moving forward. Mashroom’s (AST) Assured Shorthold Tenancy is a fully digital and customizable contract that can be signed online by both parties. You can also request additional clauses to be added that suit your specific rental property or situation.

Inventory Check

Are you planning to rent a fully-furnished property? If so, you need to protect your belongings and your assets. An inventory check documents not only the contents of your rental property but also their condition. This comes in especially useful if there’s a discrepancy over lost, stolen or damaged items. 

Starting at £90, Mashroom will not only perform an initial inventory check before your tenants move in, but they’ll also perform check-out services to ensure everything is in the same condition you left it in. For this fee, you’ll receive a full report of the condition of your home and its contents before the tenants move in and perform a second check before they move out.

Free Property Management Services

Mashroom offers a variety of free services for landlords that need help when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and managing their rental property. When your rental property needs repairs, you want a trusted contractor to get the job done right, on time, and for a reasonable process.

Mashroom gives you access to over 7,000 qualified contractors backed by a 12-month warranty. Instead of receiving maintenance calls at all hours of the night, tenants can make requests directly through Mashroom’s platform. Here, you can choose and book the tradespeople of your choice.

Mashroom also offers in-depth property performance statistics to help you make smart, financial decisions about your future. You’ll receive a breakdown of your income, plus recurring expenses. And don’t forget about Mashroom’s mortgage services and remortgage advice. (More on this later).

Last, but certainly not least, Mashroom also offers free rent collection. Skip the headaches of sharing your banking information with every tenant and instead, receive notifications when rent is due and let Mashroom deliver it directly to your account that same day. All deposits and payments are protected using Money Shield

Home Emergency Insurance

Emergencies and accidents happen and when they do, you need the peace of mind that your home and assets are protected. For £130, you can protect both yourself and your tenants from unforeseen events associated with the rental property. These include, but aren’t limited to issues with the plumbing, gas, or boiler. Tenants also receive overnight accommodations in the event they’re displaced during the repair process. 

Advanced Rent Income

Need an advance on your monthly rent? For an additional £5, Mashroom lets you access the rent that is due to you in advance. Landlords can use this money to cover large expenses associated with the rental property. The best part is that there are no credit checks or loans involved. You’re simply pulling from the money you had coming your way already. 

Rules and Laws

Remaining compliant with the local laws, rules, and regulations that govern landlords is essential for attracting quality tenants and staying on the right side of the law. Mashroom will keep you up to date on changing laws, and what happens if either party breaches the contract, and also provides safety checklists. 

Landlord Tax

Mashroom even helps landlords stay in control of their income, expenses, and taxes. Landlords can learn more about how rental income is taxed, how to be tax efficient, and what constitutes an approved deduction. 


For Tenants

Mashroom strives to improve the rental experience for both landlords and tenants, which is why they offer services for renters as well. 

Property Search

If you’re visiting the Mashroom website as a prospective tenant, chances are, you’re on the hunt for a rental property that fits your needs and budget. This platform makes it easy to search for available rentals in your local area. Not only that but Mashroom also offers deposit-free renting. 

You can also get landlord referrals to guarantee you’re working with someone you can trust. If you’re not sure where to start your search, Mashroom’s area guide can offer some much-needed guidance. 

Content Insurance

Similar to how a property owner or landlord wants to secure the condition of their home and its contents, tenants also need protection against false claims. Mashroom offers content insurance for tenants that covers damage, lost, or stolen items in the rental property. 

Whether or not you’re at fault, having this insurance in place protects you against lawsuits, a lost deposit, and unfounded accusations. For just £3.12, you can get up to £30,000 in coverage.

Free Rent

If your tenancy agreement is coming to an end and your landlord needs to fill the vacancy, you can reap the benefits of one week of free rent by conducting viewings yourself. Refer your landlord to the Mashroom platform and earn money back.

Guides and Advice

Landlords aren’t the only ones that need help navigating the rental process. Whether you’re a new tenant or just new to the area, Mashroom’s website offers plenty of useful articles, guides, and advice on the entire rental process. Topics include handling disputes, passing a reference check, finding a good landlord, and tips for renting from a private landlord. 


Landlord Insurance

When you open your home or property up to tenants, you assume a certain level of liability. The best way to protect yourself is by investing in landlord insurance. Mashroom can help with this. You already know that for £130 per year, you can receive home emergency coverage. For an additional £299 per year, you can also receive up to £25,000 in rent protection. This means that if your tenants fall behind on their rent or fail to pay, you’ll still get paid and Mashroom will take care of the rest. 

But you should also have coverage for the property itself against things like flooding, fires, structural damage, and leaks. After a brief booking call and in-appointment, Mashroom can quote you for building insurance. 

Similar to other services from Mashroom that extend beyond the tenancy agreement, the company also offers Life and Critical Illness Coverage to provide your loved ones with financial stability in the event you fall ill or face an untimely death. Mashroom agents are ready and waiting to discuss insurance coverage and plan options.


Mortgage Advice

From first-time buyers to those looking to remortgage, Mashroom also offers a variety of mortgage services and advice. Here, you can learn about current mortgage rates, buy-to-let mortgages, and remortgage options.

Use the platform’s convenient calculator to determine what you can afford and what your monthly payments will be. If you’re still unsure of your options or have more questions, you can refer to Mashroom’s mortgage guides and articles for further assistance.

Take Advantage of Mashroom’s Free Services

People say that you get what you pay for. In this case, Mashroom’s free services aren’t all that bad. Landlords get a 30-day listing on Zoopla and Rightmove plus access to a variety of tools, webinars, and resources on the platform’s website. Since most properties are let within the first 14 days, this may be all you need. However, if you need more support, Mashroom has plenty of options that are clearly detailed on the website, including pricing. Depending on your need and budget, Mashroom may be a viable option for your letting property needs.

Mashroom FAQs

What is Mashroom?

Mashroom is an online letting agency for both landlords and tenants designed to personalize the rental experience and build long-term relationships. The platform gives both landlords and tenants access to the tools and communication they need navigate the rental process from start to finish. Mashroom also improves trust, security, and communication between landlords and tenants. Mutual support builds trust and keeps landlords and tenants informed and connected. The site also offers mortgage advice, property insurance, and countless other services.

How much does Mashroom charge?

Getting started on Mashroom and gaining access to the dashboard is free. Beyond that, each service is priced individually. For example, rent guarantee insurance starts at £299 per year whereas home emergency coverage is £139 per year. Other individual services available for purchase include Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for £69, Gas Safety certificates for £79, property photography for £99, an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) for £225, inventory checks for £90, and tenant referencing for £15.

How does Mashroom work?

Tenants can use the platform to search for properties, request viewings, and make offers. Landlords have uninterrupted access to a number of tools, services, and resources on the platform. Both parties can also communicate and interact using the website’s dashboard. All you have to do to get started on Mashroom is register as a tenant or landlord and enter basic information including your name and contact information. Tenants can search properties based on their budget and location, while landlords can create listings, upload photos, and manage inquiries from anywhere.

Is Mashroom trustworthy?

Mashroom is a relatively new site so there are mixed reviews on its effectiveness. One major benefit of Mashroom is that they offer 30 days of free marketing on Zoopla or Rightmove. Beyond that, clients claim the platform provides excellent service and access to knowledgeable and experienced advisors.


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