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The Best AI Software Property Description Tools for Estate Agents

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, as a successful estate agent, it takes more than just a photograph to list and sell a property. You also need to craft a detailed property description that captures the essence of the property, the lifestyle, and its unique features.

This task can be daunting and time-consuming. If your description misses the mark, it could be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. In today’s fast-paced digital market, it’s becoming more commonplace for estate agents to utilize the benefits of technology to achieve faster, more efficient results. 

AI-generated property descriptions are one of the industry’s newest tech-savvy tools for estate agents. Estate agents can plug in the details of the property, and the software does the rest. AI property description tools create eloquent descriptions that entice potential buyers and increase engagement.

Read this article before you decide to utilize the power of AI to craft your next property description. Below, we’ll take a closer look at a few AI software options, plus general AI tools that every estate agent needs.


The ValPal Network

The ValPal Network is an estate agent marketing agency with over 4,000 offices, representing over 1,000 estate and letting agency brands. The ValPal Network offers various services, including lead generation and nurturing, website traffic conversion, and content writing. The company recently added an AI-powered description tool to this list. 

This game-changing tool is designed to transform how estate agents create property listings. All agents have to do is upload photos of the property, add a few basic details, and let the AI tool do the rest. Using cutting-edge technology, the description generator will read the property images and craft a compelling description. Descriptions include the location, unique features, size, and more. 

Other benefits of using ValPal’s AI-powered property description tool include the following.


VapPal’s AI property description tool doesn’t generate cookie-cutter listings. The company understands the importance of crafting one-of-a-kind descriptions that highlight each property’s unique features and benefits. 

ValPal also recognizes that not all estate agencies operate the same way, take the same approach, or have the same tone. That’s why each listing is customized to match your agency’s specific style and tone. You can also make custom requests based on your needs and preferences. Using this technique, ValPal delivers authentic property descriptions that resonate with your target audience. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

The property market in the UK is competitive. That’s why agents must stay on top of their game and one step ahead of the competition. ValPal’s AI property description tool strives to do this for you. As the market evolves, so should your approach to crafting stellar property listings. 

You’ll be left behind if you’re not at the cusp of the ever-changing market. ValPal embraces and utilizes cutting-edge technology to help save agents time, enhance their online presence, generate more leads, and increase sales revenue over time.

Another company making a name for itself in terms of AI-generated property descriptions is A customer relationship management company designed to help estate agents foster more leads, is continually improving its efforts and adding new features to its database – including AI-generated property listings and other AI services.

According to co-founder Heather Staff, agencies that aren’t utilizing the company’s newest AI tool – Street AI – could be wasting hours of valuable time and falling behind their competitors. Not only does’s new AI feature generate detailed property listings, but agents can also create emails faster and more efficiently than ever before. Staff says that AI technology is the best way for agents to future-proof their efforts and stay relevant in the evolving property market. 

Here are a few critical features of’s AI property description tool that make it a top choice for estate agents. 

Agent-Specific Content

Similar to ValPal, recognizes that not all agent’s use the same language or approach when it comes to creating property listings. That’s why the company’s AI tool understands and utilizes the type of content that your specific customers engage with most. This helps agents foster and stay true to their brand voice. offers email content generation and updated AI property descriptions as part of every agent’s standard package. This allows agents to level up their efforts while saving time and increasing efficiency. All you have to do is enter the property’s details, including the type of property, number of bedrooms, distinguishable details, and other key features. From this, the AI program will generate a bespoke listing specific to your specifications. also lets agents make changes and modifications to existing listings. Agents can make manual changes, use menu-driven prompts to make updates, or regenerate the entire description if it doesn’t fit your taste or style.’s AI features don’t end at property listings. Agents can also generate automated email responses with the click of a button using simple prompts. These responses are written using the most popular tones of voice and writing styles, eliminating another burden from your plate.

One Step Ahead of the Evolving Industry

Staff and the team at acknowledge that the property industry is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s imperative to continuously adopt cutting-edge technology to remain at the top of their game. then passes these improvements onto their clients, offering agents a unique opportunity to gain a leg up on the competition. 

More Efficient Processes

Time is money in every industry, including the property market. Most agents spend countless hours trying to craft compelling property listings that send hundreds of emails daily. This wasted time could be utilized elsewhere and in more productive ways.’s AI tools handle the administrative work while meeting agents’ preferences and requirements. With peace of mind that these aspects of the business are being managed properly, agents can focus their energy on other important tasks. 

Photo Editing also offers a unique AI Image Enhancer that transforms your property photos from fair to phenomenal. These AI tools let you brighten your photos with a single click and even change the landscape. Capabilities include

  • Transforming gloomy days to brilliant sunshine for a more appealing setting
  • Add professional touches and finishes to your final photos
  • Improve weird angles or unsightly flaws
  • Adjust poor or dim lighting’s photo editing features are the perfect addition to a well-crafted property description.

Other AI Tools for Estate Agents

Writing a detailed property description is only one piece of the puzzle when creating listings that sell. That’s why dozens of software companies are launching innovative AI tools for estate agents that perform myriad tasks, from chatting with prospects to vetting tenants and managing maintenance issues. 

Estate agents also have the option of using general AI tools or specific AI tools. General AI tools perform perceptual tasks and take a generalized approach to thinking, whereas specific (or narrow) AI is designed to perform a specific task. General AI is broader and more adaptable to an estate agent’s needs and services, while specific AI only carries out or addresses the task at hand. 

Both general and specific AI tools can be extremely useful and beneficial for estate agents trying to increase productivity, generate more leads, and stay abreast of technological advances. 

General AI Tools

The two most popular general AI tools for estate agents are Chat GPT and Google Bard. Both offer overarching benefits with options to fine-tune the results and responses. Over time, both AI tools will learn your approach, tone, and techniques to generate results that represent your brand best. 


ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI in late 2022. This chatbot was designed using a large language model, allowing users to refine responses and steer a conversation in a certain direction. Estate agents can fine-tune results using their desired format, style, language, length, and level of detail. 

ChatGPT virtually transformed the world of AI by using a learning algorithm and natural language processing to respond in a way that was both accurate and human. There have been several versions of ChatGPT, including 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0, each one offering new levels of functionality. 

Below are just a few of the tools and features ChatGPT offers estate agents of all experience levels. 

  • Market trends and analysis: Following market trends is a crucial part of being a successful estate agent. You can ask ChatGPT to analyze and report on current trends and offer data and analysis based on these results. ChatGPT lets estate agents fine-tune their search by focusing on a certain town, city, or even neighbourhood.
  • Gather local information: As mentioned above, ChatGPT allows estate agents to gather information and data about specific neighbourhoods. This includes details about the local schools, amenities, investment opportunities, and other demographics. This information is beneficial for estate agents interested in creating brochures or pamphlets for the local area. 
  • Legal guidance: ChatGPT also provides legal information on a specific property or housing topic. Staying on top of local regulations, laws, and restrictions ensures estate agents remain compliant and ethical. Agents can request information about specific regulations in areas like Wales, Scotland, and England.
  • Create marketing strategies: ChatGPT can suggest the most effective marketing strategies for promoting certain properties. Based on the property type, location, and listing price, ChatGPT guides estate agents in their marketing efforts using tools like virtual tours, staging viewings, or launching a social media campaign.
  • Answer general questions: ChatGPT can easily and accurately respond to frequently asked questions regarding the buying and selling process. It also provides information about mortgages and other property details.
  • Translation: Language barriers aren’t an issue when discussing ChatGPT. The AI tool offers assistance to agents when communicating with clients who speak a different language using real-time translation software. 

Once ChatGPT generates a response to your specific request, you can review and edit it from there. With each step and revision, you’ll get closer to crafting a response that best represents you or your agency. 

When it comes to the cost, estate agents can expect to pay around £16 a month for a subscription to ChatGPT 4.

In short, here are some pros and cons of using ChatGPT for estate agents. 


  • Provides data and responses to countless queries
  • Can improve writing and offer business insights and ideas
  • Accurately adapts to different writing tasks
  • The basic version of ChatGPT is free to use
  • Different versions of the AI software can help with different tasks
  • Engages with conversational interactions 


  • Tendency to have factual errors
  • It may require careful editing to ensure accurate information 
  • Not a heavy emphasis on the UK market 
  • Some data may be outdated compared to other AI tools 

Google Bard (Gemini)

Google Bard (now known as Google Gemini) is another general AI tool focused primarily on chatting and interacting with prospects. This product was Google’s response to ChatGPT and offered many of the same tools and features – with one major difference. Google Bard prides itself on providing the most up-to-date information available, whereas many of ChatGPT’s results are based on data collected as far back as January 2022. These discrepancies can make a huge impact, especially when it comes to staying on top of legal regulations and guidelines. 

Google Bard is a useful AI tool for providing current information on a certain location, property value, and other current data. Google Bard uses Google Maps to showcase the results and provide links, resources, and relevant images. All the results are integrated with Google’s search bar, making them factual and current. 

Google Bard isn’t without its own flaws, though. Here are the pros and cons of this AI tool.


  • Provides accurate responses to a wide variety of requests
  • Real-time data for estate agents 
  • Utilizes other tools and functionalities by Google 


  • Still in the development stages
  • Not UK-specific
  • No current pricing listed 

Tips for Using ChatGPT and Google Bard

The more you know about using general AI tools like the ones listed above, the more you’ll get out of them. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Offer Specific Information: The more detailed facts and information you provide general AI tools, the more accurate they’ll be. Include things like the names of the regions you want to be mentioned, how many words to use, and certain adjectives and description types. The AI software will generate text based on these requests. 
  • Fine-tune the Responses: AI tools let estate agents get specific about the responses they give. For example, if the AI software is designed to price properties in a certain area or region, you can fine-tune the results to include only certain types of properties like terraces or flats. You can also adjust the time period or system and include explanations about the typical buyer demographic for each property type. Over time, the AI will learn what kinds of responses you want in a particular situation, and together, you can fine-tune these results to match your tone and brand.
  • Improve Existing Information: Chances are, you already have a ton of useful material and information for your estate agency or business. Both ChatGPT and Google Bard can use and expand on these existing details. For example, enter details about your services, main selling points, and achievements, and chatbot AI will generate a well-written paragraph for you to include in your sales pitches. From there, you can ask for further edits or tweak the content to match your brand’s voice and tone best.

Specific AI Tools

Sometimes, general AI tools just aren’t enough. When you need more specific AI software for your estate agent business, consider these resources.


Estate agents understand the importance of making a quality first impression. And so do the creators of REimagineHome. This AI tool provides photorealistic virtual renovations of any property, regardless of the size or style. With a few clicks on a button, you can upgrade the interior of a property and help potential buyers “re-imagine” the property as their own. This approach depersonalizes the property and allows prospects to envision creating a life of their own in the space. Agents can also use the tool to perform quick upgrades and renovations to a property’s appearance and boost market value. 

The price of this AI software depends on the scope of the project and how many renovations you plan to make. Pricing starts at around £200 per image.


  • The ability to edit, renovate, and upgrade listings in a pinch
  • Helps potential buyers envision their future homes
  • Upgrades include colours, furniture, and updated materials 


  • Some renovation details are limited
  • Upgrades require high-quality property photos to begin with


Floor plans are another important part of any property listing. They provide a sneak peek behind the closed doors of any property, including room measurements and layout. Getfloorplan is an AI tool powered by Unreal Engine that takes 2D floor plans and transforms them into 3D images. From there, you can take things one step further by changing these 3D images into a virtual walkthrough. 

Simply upload a copy of your 2D floorplan plus some basic details and let Getfloorplan do the rest. Similar to REimagineHome, Getfloorplan also offers virtual staging tools to help upgrade the property’s decor and represent the property’s potential more accurately and favourably. 

Taking advantage of this AI tool will run you between £50 and £200 per floor plan, plus any additional costs for complex layouts or staging upgrades. 


  • Both 3D floor plans and virtual walkthroughs are available 
  • Gives potential buyers a better understanding of the home’s space
  • Increased engagement with prospects
  • Virtual staging options increase the property’s perceived value and aesthetic appeal 


  • All floor plans require accurate room measurements
  • Complex floor plans require additional fees


Answering the phone and tending to every inquiry or question that comes your way can be daunting and time-consuming. Active estate agents don’t always have time to field every inquiry. And that’s where PropertyJinni comes into play. 

Estate agents can utilize this AI tool as their 24/7 virtual concierge. PropertyJinni can answer commonly asked questions, schedule maintenance and repairs, and qualify leads. This AI software fully integrates with your current website and social media accounts, so once it’s installed and running, you’re good to go! PropertyJinni also learns more about your brand and approach with every interaction, resulting in better customer service and conversions. 

The price for PropertyJinni varies from £25 per month to £100 per month, depending on the features you choose and your usage volume. 


  • 24/7 hour customer service
  • Increased lead generation and management 
  • Qualifies leads
  • Reduces the administrative workload
  • Learns and makes changes to achieve improved communication and customer interactions


  • Can’t handle complex inquiries or questions
  • Requires time and ongoing training to reach a fully customized voice


This AI tool helps simplify the process of hosting virtual tours and open houses. Vieweet uses your existing media files and 2D photos to create floor plans and 3D images. The software can even add staging props to existing rooms to help enhance the appearance and efficacy of your current photos and videos. Another benefit of Vieweet for estate agents is less time and money spent on costly edits since the AI-generated program can sharpen and improve all of your media files at once. 

Vieweet costs between £25 and £100 per month, with additional costs for live open houses and virtual tours. 


  • Doesn’t require VR equipment 
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Integrates well with most UK property websites
  • Reduces the need for physical viewings
  • Increases buyer engagement 


  • Only offers a few customization tools for virtual tours
  • Requires high-quality photos to start
  • Frequent virtual open houses can lead to high fees and costs 


Property descriptions aren’t the only important write-ups estate agents need. Write.Homes offers text solutions for other types of content, including emails, blogs, social media posts, and more! This is an especially useful AI tool if you find yourself in a time crunch and need a well-crafted write-up ASAP. Simply input all necessary and important details, edit the customer base, and Write.Homes will generate a quality paragraph (or more) on the subject. Write.Homes even offers editing features to help optimize your current text by addressing stylistic errors, misspelt words, and other grammar issues. 


  • High-quality content for almost all your estate agent needs
  • Integrates ChatGPT 4 into all written responses
  • Improves your writing by correcting grammar and improving on your current content
  • Saves you the time and aggravation of crafting content for your website, and social media accounts, brochures, and more


  • All content needs to be fact-checked and edited by a human
  • The content isn’t always UK-centered and may slip into US versions of certain words and phrases
  • Content can seem repetitive so edits and updates are needed to add extra variety 

The Benefits of Using AI-Powered Property Description Generators

As the demand for newer, faster, and more efficient ways of doing things continues to grow, more companies will likely add AI technology to their list of services. If you’re considering an AI property description tool like the ones listed above, check out these additional benefits. 

Offers Consistency

AI technology can understand, remember, and replicate the tone and writing style of an agent’s emails, property descriptions, and more. This provides consistency and uniformity across multiple listings. Having a consistent tone and style also conveys a level of professionalism and reliability, two key factors in attracting and retaining more leads.

Improved SEO

Well-written property listings and descriptions do more than just attract potential leads. They can also improve your listing’s SEO ranking. AI-generated property descriptions produce SEO-friendly content that targets certain keywords and locations and, ultimately, improves your online presence and ranking. 

Increased Visibility 

The more engaging and informative your property descriptions are, the more likely they are to stand out against similar listings. AI-generated content offers increased visibility on popular property portals, social media, and other related websites. More visibility means you can reach a broader audience and attract a more diverse group of buyers.

How Will AI Affect Estate Agents in the Future?

Some estate agents worry that continued advances in technology and AI tools could ultimately lead to their demise. So, do estate agents have to worry about being replaced by bots? The short answer is no.

For starters, AI doesn’t work on its own. Most software programs and tools are fed information from an outside source – i.e. an estate agent. AI tools aren’t foolproof either, which means the information they produce needs to be fact-checked by a human. AI tools for estate agents are still in their infancy as well. This is another reason why humans need to perform quality control to ensure accurate information and results. 

Another important thing to remember is that not all estate agents operate online. The market is still full of both hybrid and high street agents that conduct viewings, meetings, and showings strictly in person. An AI bot can’t replace an authentic experience with a real estate agent. Local agents also have insight and experience with the local market and communities beyond what AI software can produce. 

If you’re an estate agent looking to generate more leads and expand your business, consider joining Learn more here.

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