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Of all online estate agents, is by far the UK’s largest and most well-known agency. As with any reputable company, you have to take the good with the bad.

While some homeowners & landlords love Purplebricks, others take issue with some of their practices. Purplebricks reviews are mixed to say the least!

Are you preparing to sell or let your home and considering You’ve come to the right place for an in-depth and honest Purplebricks review.

Here we’ll cover everything from Purplebricks fees to locations, experience, and pricing so you can make an informed, trusted decision.

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How Does Purplebricks Work?

So, before signing up on Purplebricks, let’s go over exactly how the process works.

The first thing Purplebricks will do is set your property up on Zoopla, Rightmove, and their own website. They’ll explain the selling & letting process including how to view & field inquiries, offers and schedule or decline viewings. 

Purplebricks offers services on its online platform, a UK-based call centre, and through a group of local experts. These local experts will provide support throughout the sale process but aren’t as “hands-on” as a normal high-street agent. 

Once signed up and logged into Purplebricks’ portal, local experts are available for minor inquiries but don’t expect them to hold your hand throughout the process. 

For someone new to the home sale or letting process, this may be unsettling and disconcerting. Others may have no problem handling a majority of the work themselves with minimal support. 

Are Purplebricks cracking?

purplebricks cracking


Purplebricks has recently had a lot of bad press and poor company news. From a tumbling share price and fines, it’s not looking pretty.

purplebricks shareprice

The share price is at an all time low. Why should you as a landlord or seller care? Well if the company is no longer operable, it could throw your let or sale into turmoil.

The news coming from regulators isn’t pretty either. A few laundering fines and deposit issues paints an even bleaker picture.

Whether or not Purplebricks will survive or make major changes to their business remains to be seen.

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Understanding Purplebricks Fees

At this point, the main question that remains is how much are Purplebricks fees? Like most online estate agents, Purplebricks offers various services for different fees and pricing.

Another common complaint about all estate agents are hidden fees and sadly, Purplebricks is no different.

Purplebricks Selling Fees

London Outside of London
Standard fee £1,499 £999
Viewings £360 £300
EPC £84 £84
Premium listing £249 £249

Base pricing starts at £999 for most of the UK but £1499 for London and surrounding areas. This includes an advertisement on Rightmove and Zoopla, photography and floor plan, a UK-based support team, and access to a local expert.

If you want Purplebricks to conduct your viewings, you’ll need to pay an additional £300 or  £360 for anyone located in London and the surrounding areas. Most people consider this a worthwhile investment since a poorly conducted viewing could cost you the sale. 

One thing mentioned in several Purplebricks reviews is that they can suspend all viewings at any time without an explanation or a refund. This decision is made based on the number of viewings already completed and feedback. 

Purplebricks also offers a “pay later” option, which has caused some controversy. You have the option to pay for services upfront or up to 10 months later at no additional cost. 

While this sounds like a great option, some Purplebricks reviews claim customers end up paying more than they bargained for. 

When customers choose the deferred payment option they’re faced with a conveyancing fee. This varies based on your location and the price of the property you’re selling. If you choose to use your own broker, you’ll pay £360 in administrative fees.

All home sales require an EPC, which Purplebricks charges £84 for. 

Although advertising on Zoopla and Rightmove isn’t just part of Purplebricks services, but the main part, there’s also the option for premium and featured listings. These listings will cost anywhere from £125 to £249 for 2 weeks.

Purplebricks Letting Fees

London Outside of London
Tenant find £1,050 £580
Rent collection £106 pcm + £950 £33 pcm + £390
Full management £139 pcm + £850 £46 pcm + £850

Landlords are charged a one off £1,050 for finding a tenant via Purplebricks. Which is nearly 3 times when compared to other online letting agents.

However viewings are included which isn’t usually the case with online letting agents.

For landlords looking to use Purplebricks for letting and rent collection, fees will be £106 per month plus a £950 one off fee.

Fully managed costs are £139 per month plus a one off fee of £850. This includes an inspection every 6 months, inventory, repair & maintenance reporting and use of the Purplebricks management portal.

All fees quoted by Purplebricks are paid on let (not upfront).

For landlords with property outside of London, fees are much lower.

Find find fees are £580, rent collection is £33 and full management is £46.

purplebricks letting services

What Reviews Have to Say About Purplebricks 

Not only is Purplebricks the largest and most popular online letting agent in the UK, but it’s also the most reviewed. 

purplebricks trustpilot

With nearly 87,000 Trustpilot reviews, people have a lot to say about Purplebricks. The majority of Purplebricks reviews are glowing, which says a lot about the company.

Most users focus on the company’s efficiency and pricing. If you login to the Purplebricks online system, you’ll immediately see it’s convenient and user-friendly.

Local experts and customer support make the sale process easy. Some negative reviews commented on a lack of communication between agents and sellers, but this was rare and generally directed at buyers, not sellers.

Some buyers said it was difficult to contact a real-life person to answer their questions, although there’s no evidence that Purplebricks outsources their support centre, which is located within the UK. 

A few buyers have also expressed issues with Purplebricks legal representation. 

negative purplebricks reviews

Many homeowners comment on how well their property is portrayed through quality photographs and detailed listings. Users also like how easy it is to manage the listing, schedule and manage viewings, and see the sale process to completion. 

There is a wide discrepancy between different review sites. While Google & Trustpilot applauds Purplebricks, have different opinions with nearly 400 mostly negative reviews.



Purplebricks Reviews Are Mixed, But Mostly Positive

When it comes to companies and services like Purplebricks, you get what you pay for. Anyone looking for a hands-on approach to selling their home should probably stick with a local, high-street agent.

For anyone with a little knowledge about the property market or time to invest in marketing their home, Purplebricks is a great choice. Not only are they a leading name in UK estate agents, but they’re thorough and offer the support you need when you need it. 


Purplebricks login

Customers of Purplebricks can login to view a range of details in regards to their property.

Once logged in, Purplebricks will show you viewings, offers, your property listing activity and messages from buyers, sellers and your assigned expert.

Logging in is very simple. Simply click this link and enter your email address & password.



Online Estate Agent Fees vs High Street Agents vs Hybrid

It’s important for you to understand the difference between paying online estate agent fees and using a local, high street agent. 

To complicate matters more, there’s the hybrid option which combines the two services and is part of what’s made Purplebricks so successful.

Let’s take a closer look at what services each type of agent offers.


Office Space and Local Branches

High street agents have local offices and branches they work out of. Most online and hybrid agents like Purplebricks do not. That’s not to say they don’t have a central office, but they don’t place individual agents at local branches. 

Working from one central location reduces overhead costs, which is one reason online and hybrid agents are generally cheaper than local agents. 


Hybrid Agents

As online estate agents grow more popular, they’ve combined the best of both worlds to offer what’s known as hybrid services. 

While most hybrid agents don’t have a dedicated office space or offer hands-on local marketing, they do lend support in addition to their online services.

Online hybrid agents like Purplebricks may provide a “local expert” to visit your property and perform a valuation. You may only meet this expert once, although they’ll remain involved in your property sale behind the scenes. 

Some online agents list your property on popular portals (more on this in a second) and leave you to your own devices. It then becomes your job to market and sell your home independently. 

Purplebricks doesn’t do this and won’t leave you unsupported, but they also won’t market your property the same way high street agents do.

Most online agents who work strictly online won’t assign you a local expert but will offer an account manager to help see you through the process.


Property Portals

Regardless of what type of estate agent you hire, they’ll advertise your home on popular property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. For many homeowners, this is the primary way of advertising.

What you won’t get with an online agent is real-life, tangible marketing like brochures and pamphlets or advertisements in local magazines and newspapers. The good news is, these forms of paper ads are slowly dying off.

No local branches also mean less foot traffic for online agents, but with most properties selling online, this isn’t a major factor for most homeowners. 

As long as your property is listed on Rightmove and Zoopla, you’re sure to get the most views, leads, and inquiries. 

Both high street and estate agent fees cover these marketing efforts plus managing the listing, handling inquiries, and in some cases, scheduling viewings.


Conducting Viewings

Speaking of viewings, most potential buyers who are interested in your property will want to see it in person. After seeing the photographs online, they’ll inquire with your agent and set up a meeting time.

Now, strictly online agents will tell you about the viewing and let you handle it on your own. Hybrid agents sometimes offer viewing services at an additional cost. 

Purplebricks, for example, offers these services for £300 more than they’re already charging. Most local agents include viewings as part of their initial fees. 

Conducting viewings yourself is generally a bad idea. It’s not easy to show your home and answer hard questions.

After all, you’re emotionally invested in the property and it holds sentimental significance. It can be difficult to separate yourself emotionally. 

Not to mention, many homebuyers don’t feel comfortable asking questions or being honest to the homeowner. They prefer dealing with an agent.


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