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The property market is hotter now than ever before with housing prices increasing nearly 10% over the last year. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you’ll likely need some help navigating this competitive market. But with over 19,500 estate agents in the UK area, all claiming to be the best, choosing an agent can be as overwhelming as choosing a property. 

That’s why we’re here to help simplify the process and take an in-depth look at one such company – Strike. This online estate agency offers a variety of services for both buyers and sellers and claims to do much of its work for free. Does this sound too good to be true? How does it compare to Purplebricks? Keep reading to find out if Strike deserves your time, attention, and business.


About Strike

Strike is an online estate agency (formerly known as Housesimple) that promises to make moving simple, transparent, and free. Strike prides itself on the following principles:

  • Transparent – Agents are honest, straightforward, open, and on your side.
  • Empowering – You’re in control of your listing and buying options but Strike’s support team is never far away.
  • Collaborative – Focus on building strong partnerships to deliver the best results for everyone.
  • Digital – Strike uses technology and data insights to create a seamless journey from start to finish. 

Other impressive statistics include:

  • £5.02 billion in property sold since its launch 
  • 628 listings are requested every day (that totals one every 2 minutes) 
  • 15,026 people moves this year (that totals 41 per day)
  • 901,538 boxes used to move clients 


Services Strike Offers

Another major appeal that attracts business for this estate agency is the wide range of services it offers. Here’s a closer look at what to expect if you’re a buyer or seller using Strike.

For Buyers

On Strike’s website, you can search properties based on several criteria including location, size, and price. Strike lists properties across the country, so there are no limits to where a quick search will take you. Once you do find your dream home, Strike offers mortgage services and also buy to let mortgage advice to help you secure the funds you need to make an offer. Users have access to over 12,000 mortgage deals, some of which are exclusive to Strike and can’t be found by contacting the companies directly. 

For Sellers

This is where Strike really flexes its muscles – by helping thousands of people sell their properties for above the asking price. And they claim to do it for free! With most agencies taking a hefty percentage of the sale price or charging exorbitant fees, how can Strike offer these same services for free? Let’s take a closer look at their 3-step selling process and any hidden fees.

Step One 

First, you can request a detailed and accurate valuation from one of Strike’s friendly and experienced agents. Next, the agent will create an eye-catching advertisement including gorgeous photos and floorplans. Most properties hit the market within 24 hours of first contacting the agency. Your listing will also appear on all the most popular platforms including Rightmove and Zoopla. View and approve your listing easily on the company’s app and request any changes or updates. 

Step Two

Strike is determined to get you the best offer for your property. Agents work tirelessly to get your advertisement seen by millions of potential buyers. This includes conducting virtual and in-person viewings that work for your schedule. After showing your property, the agent will contact you with feedback from the potential buyers. All reports are conveniently sent to your phone. If an offer is made, the agent will help you negotiate and come to an agreement that gets you the best possible price.

Strike Three

Even after an offer is made and accepted, the agents at Strike will walk you through the rest of the process, keeping you updated along the way. Agents deal with the solicitors, contract signing, and conveyancing to expedite the process and reduce any hassle or stress for you. Strike even offers moving services.

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How Does Strike Make Money?

So is Strike really free? How can Strike provide all of these services at no charge? That’s where things get a little tricky. While Strike technically sells your house for free, they do charge for individual services along the way. 

If you don’t utilize any of their additional help, you may actually end up paying nothing. However, chances are, you’ll need at least a few of their services throughout the sale process. According to their website, 40% of customers choose a totally free sale while 60% utilize optional extras at a fee.

Here’s what’s included free of charge, plus the services you can pay for and how much they’ll cost you. 

Free Services

  • Property valuation
  • Listings on popular property portals
  • A free app to download and connect directly with buyers
  • Professional negotiations on your behalf from an experienced agent 
  • Customer service support from start to finish

Here are a few things to keep in mind about these free services. For example, the valuation is done mostly online using data and information that’s accessible to anyone – if you know where to look. This includes recent sales data and current market trends. When the agent visits your home, this is more to sell themselves to you than to sell your home and helps put a face to the name.

Additional Services and Associated Fees

  • Mortgage advice (no price listed)
  • Marketing Boosts – £799 – the Performance Package includes professional photos, a video trailer, and a premium listing on Rightmove
  • Hosted Viewings Package – £699 – Strike agents host viewings and showings for you so you don’t have to
  • Moving services (free) – Strike’s personal moving companies will help with surveys and removals at no cost. Strike does, however, receive a referral fee from these providers. 


Strike News, Awards, and Affiliations

Strike has received its fair share of awards over the years and made news headlines. 

In 2021, Strike was honored as the Best Online Agent of the Year by ESTAS for the second year in a row. This is in addition to receiving the same honor in 2018. Strike was commended for its continued growth and expansion despite facing difficult times and uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic. The ESTAS award is voted on and given by satisfied customers, which Strike claims they’ve helped save millions in estate agent fees over the years.

Strike also recently expanded beyond London and is now a nationwide company with agents on the ground throughout England. Virtual services have always allowed property owners to buy, sell, and advertise their properties across the country. But now, you can get physical valuations, photo shoots, and floor plans from local agents right inside your own neighborhood. 

In addition to these accolades, Strike is also part of The Property Ombudsman and the Approved Code Trading Standards. 


Strike Review

Anytime you’re looking to make a purchase or hire a service, you want to check out online reviews. Here you can see what former and current clients and customers have to say about a particular company. This gives you a more honest viewpoint and an outsider’s perspective. So, what are people saying about Strike? Let’s take a look.

Positive Reviews

Let’s start with the good stuff. Strike has a status of “excellent” on Trustpilot with 4.6 out of 5 stars. These results are based on over 18,000 reviews, making this nearly 5-star rating pretty impressive. 

Here’s what people have to say about using Strike.

Ease of Use

Most customers reported that from start to finish, using Strike was quick and easy. Property listings were completed and posted within 24 hours with many properties selling within the first few days. Other customers attributed the ease of use and smooth process to Strike’s professional, helpful, and experienced staff. 

Great Service for Free

A lot of Strike’s positive reviews mention getting excellent service and results for free, which indicates that the free services may really be enough to sell your property quickly, efficiently, and for the asking price. One satisfied customer claimed to get “top service for free”. They reported receiving constant support and excellent customer service without ever being charged typical hidden fees associated with other companies. Other happy customers noted competitive pricing and negotiations plus good communication.

No Pushy Sales

Since many of Strike’s services are available for free, you’d think their agents would try to upsell you at every turn. But according to most of the company’s online reviews, this simply isn’t the case. Customers reported never feeling pressured into using their add-ons or extras. One client wanted a professional video done while another needed mortgage advice, but neither felt obligated to book these services and described it as a “good experience with no hard sell to use the paid services”. 

Puts You in Control 

Another common theme among many positive reviews for Strike is that clients enjoyed being in control of the sale every step of the way. This included approving and making changes to the listing, handling offers and bookings, conducting viewings, and having 24/7 access to the easy-to-use app. 

Negative Reviews

Despite offering countless services for free and having high-star ratings on most review sites, using Strike doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Here are some of the not-so-positive things customers have to say about this particular online agency.

Lack of Service Once an Offer is Made

Strike claims to support your sale from start to finish but some unhappy customers beg to differ. Clients report that after receiving an offer the helpful agent who walked them through most of the process effectively disappeared. Some also reported that as the sale progressed, the “personal touch” they experienced, in the beginning, started to dissipate. 

Poor Communication

A few customers reported a lack of communication from the start, with one review claiming no one from Strike ever even returned their phone call. Another said they felt completely in the dark about the process and how their sale was progressing. There were some complaints from potential buyers using the site as well, with one stating that Strike strung them along for over a week as they attempted to schedule a viewing. In the end, the customer claims the property was sold out from under them and they were left back at square one. 

Not Enough Interest in Properties

Another common complaint of some customers was that their property didn’t yield the viewings or results they’d hoped for or were promised. Some unhappy customers said they were pressured into purchasing additional packages and services, although most reviews claim the opposite. One person who purchased the hosting package for £700 said they didn’t have a single showing or interested buyer the entire time and were forced to use a different agency. 


Strike: Is Free Really Too Good to Be True?

The jury’s still out on this question but from what most online reviews have to say, Strike’s free services are pretty impressive. With that being said, you need to perform a lot of the legwork yourself from hosting viewings and fielding offers to approving the listing. As the sale gets going and things get a little more complicated, you may end up paying for additional support and services.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend and what services you need. The one good thing about Strike is that they don’t seem to have any hidden fees. You know exactly what’s free and what services are additional and you can pick and choose from there. So, perhaps the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t really apply here, but if you want a comprehensive service with an experienced agent walking you through the entire process, you’ll probably end up paying for some add-ons. But with most sales on the site happening within the first 24 hours, these fees may be a small price to pay for your dream home!

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