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When it comes to selling a property, price is everything. Sure, curb appeal, location, and size all matter, too. But if your house isn’t priced realistically, chances are, it’ll sit on the market much longer than it needs to. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to get your house valuation via Zoopla. 

A house valuation gives you a professional opinion about the value of your property and how much you should list it for. 

There are countless appraisers out there who offer both in-person and virtual valuations. While the latter is fine in a pinch, only an in-person valuation gives the appraiser a true picture of what your property has to offer and how much it’s worth.

One such company is Zoopla. Keep reading to find out what sets Zoopla house price estimates apart from the competition and why you should let Zoopla value your house.


About Zoopla

Before we jump into how Zoopla house estimates work, let’s cover a little backstory about the company itself. Zoopla is a property website and app that lists millions of properties for sale. More than just finding a property, people using Zoopla are looking for the next place to call home.

Zoopla offers a variety of tools to help you sort and search homes based on various criteria. The Zoopla property value tool ensures that you don’t pay too much for a new house and that other buyers get a fair deal as well. But more than price, Zoopla helps buyers find a place that truly feels like home. 

How to Get Your House Value via Zoopla

Whether you’re an eager buyer who needs to sell their current property before buying something new or you’re looking to sell and downsize, you may wonder, “Should I have Zoopla value my house?”. And the answer is, yes!

A Zoopla house estimate is fast, convenient, and accurate. It’s the only place to start when preparing to sell your current property and start the next chapter of your life. Zoopla provides a list of local agents that offer in-person valuations based on your property location. 

These agents will consider your property’s unique features, any changes to the local property market, and their experience and in-depth knowledge of the local area to calculate a reasonable and fair home valuation. 

It’s not just local agents that are on Zoopla. The big online estate agents like Purplebricks & Strike advertise their properties on the platform to help sell their properties quickly.

Zoopla also offers instant valuations. This free, online assessment is quick and easy but not as accurate as an in-person visit from an experienced agent. But, if you want a quick snapshot of what your property is currently worth, this home valuation tool may come in handy. 

There are alternatives you may wish to consider when valuing your property. For instance Nationwide’s house price calculator gets 10,000 users a month!

Getting Started on Zoopla

The first step in getting a Zoopla house price estimate is to enter your UK postal code and other details about your property. You may need to provide details including the exact location and address, square footage, and the number of bedrooms.

Based on these criteria, Zoopla will generate a list of local agents that are the best fit for your home valuation. The best part is, many agents offer free valuations and consultations with no obligation or commitment. After your initial meeting, you can make a decision about whether or not to list your property with the agent who provided your Zoopla property value. 

After inputting your information, Zoopla will generate a list of local agents that offer home valuations. To guarantee you make an informed decision, Zoopla provides numerous details about each agent including their years of experience, the areas they cover, and any additional fees you may incur. 

Once you select an agent, contact them directly or have Zoopla provide them with your details so they can contact you. 

What Data Does Zoopla Use to Value My House?

Agents on Zoopla use a mix of current market trends, historic data, and years of experience to calculate your home’s value. Property prices are based on the agent’s professional opinion and knowledge of the current market.

The agents also use a specific model to help get a better picture of average property listing prices across the UK. Some factors that go into these calculations include:

  • Loca data (including crime rates, school rankings, job opportunities, and proximity to public transportation)
  • Recent listing and sale prices of comparable properties and when they were sold
  • The property characteristics and specs including square footage, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • Changes in the current market and value trends

Certain statistics aren’t included in a Zoopla house estimate including:

Zoopla performs data analysis on a monthly basis to remain up to date on current and changing trends. Sources include Registers of Scotland, Royal Mail, HM Land Registry, and Ordnance Survey. 

It’s also important to note that data and statistics are more readily available in England and Wales than in Scotland or Northern Ireland, so if you own property here, the valuations and comparisons may not be as accurate. Zoopla’s house price estimate no longer includes data entered by the homeowner. Although this used to be a consideration, the platform found that most people overestimated their property value, resulting in inaccurate estimates. 

Zoopla currently provides data on over 29 million homes and properties throughout the UK. As of this writing, all home valuations are based on impartial data from reliable public organizations and other third-party resources.

Another unique feature offered by Zoopla is a property tracking tool that lets you find your Zoopla property value on your own. You can also view a timeline that shows the history of your specific house, including when it was listed and what it sold for. Zoopla also keeps track of favorite homes and listings for prospective buyers.

FAQs About Zoopla’s House Price Estimate

If you’re still curious about how to get your house value via Zoopla, you may want to check out these frequently asked questions from other homeowners like you.

Is it accurate?

Zoopla house price estimates are extremely accurate thanks to an industry-leading algorithm for comparing recently sold properties, price listings, and more. All of Zoopla’s data and calculations come from the trusted sources named above. The more information that’s available on each individual property, the more accurate the home values are. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that even the best Zoopla property value is just an estimate. These figures should give you a good starting point when listing your property but you should also consult with a qualified agent. On-site estate agents and appraisers get a better, more comprehensive idea of your home’s worth and can offer a more accurate estimate.

Can I value my home online?

Yes! Zoopla offers instant online home valuations. All you need to do is enter your postal code and select your full address when it appears. You can also search using recently sold house prices and estimates in a specific area. 

If you want a more accurate valuation or an on-site appraisal, Zoopla can also help you find a local agent with the knowledge and experience needed to list your property competitively. These agents also consider recent renovations and upgrades when providing a property estimate, which usually adds value to your home.

Can a Zoopla house estimate predict my property’s worth in 5 years?

Are you looking to sell in the future and are curious about what your home might be worth? Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball, including Zoopla and its qualified agents. There’s no way to tell with 100% accuracy what your property will be worth several years down the line. 

However, you can visit Zoopla’s site regularly and track up-to-date market trends that do offer long-term predictions about property values in certain areas. Zoopla also has a house price index tool that helps homeowners create an overall view of the current local market. You’ll also receive notifications about recent property news, trends, and other important information that may impact the price and value of your home. 

Can you get your house value via Zoopla for free?

Yes! Zoopla’s online estimate tool offers a quick, free home valuation. You can also request an expert in-person valuation from a qualified and experienced local estate agent. Neither of these services will cost you anything!

Get a Zoopla House Estimate Today and Start Planning the Future

The first step in planning your next property sale, purchase, or financial investment is to find out what your property is worth. A Zoopla house price estimate is an easy and convenient way to get you started on the right path. By connecting you with qualified local agents and providing free online valuations as well, you can start planning your financial future, today!

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