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Foxtons is one of the oldest and most well-established estate agencies in all of London. Founded in 1981, Foxtons started with just two agents in Notting Hill and has expanded to become one of London’s leading agencies.

But standing out in a pricey and competitive market in the bustling city of London isn’t easy – or inexpensive. So, how does Foxton remain relevant and compete with other estate agencies (especially the new online agents) in the area, and what will it cost you to utilize their expertise and services?

Keep reading for an in-depth Foxton review that will answer all of these questions and more. 


More About Foxtons

Foxtons offers a wide range of products and services for property owners, investors, renters, and landlords. Whether you want to sell or let your property or need help managing a rental property, Foxtons can help match you with the perfect agent with experience and expertise in your area and unique situation. 

Since its creation in 2001, Foxtons has grown into a reputable and well-known estate agency in and around London. With over 60 offices across London and the Home Counties and 50,000 new renters registering every month, Foxtons is a leading agency among property owners and those seeking real estate in the area. But this prestige and experience don’t come without a price. Some of Foxton’s services are slightly more expensive than other London agencies, including their fees for listing, marketing and selling properties and their landlord and property management fees. In short, if you want to make money off your property, Foxton will help you do it, but not without taking a hefty cut first (more on this below).


Services and Fees for Landlords, Property Owners, and Sellers

One of Foxton’s main roles within the London market is helping landlords and property owners manage their rental properties and find reliable tenants. From property valuations to management services, rent protection, and more, Foxtons offers bespoke services based on the client’s needs, budget, and area. 

Foxton also provides useful tools for prospective landlords, like a rent calculator, property market and insight advice, and letting market reports. All of these resources help landlords make financially sound decisions for their futures. Once landlords sign up for Foxton’s services, they gain access to a customized dashboard that includes real-time viewing updates, the ability to accept or decline offers, instant rent notifications, and the ability to order and upload compliance documents. 

Property owners can choose from a managed long let, which lasts for 6 months or more, a short let, which can be between 0 and 6 months or a long let that isn’t fully managed. Some popular services to choose from include

  • Referencing tenants
  • Right to rent checks
  • Compliance advice
  • Property inspections 
  • A dedicated property manager 
  • Credit control
  • Deposit negotiations
  • Move-in management

The level of service you choose will determine how much you pay. You can, however, request a free property valuation to get you started and determine how much your property is worth. Adding property management services to your contract means getting 24/7 attention and assistance from a member of Foxton’s team, including emergency repairs and maintenance and access to reputable contractors 24/7. 

For letting fees only, Foxton charges 13.2% plus 11% VAT. Short lets, on the other hand, come with an exorbitant 31.2% commission and 26% VAT fees plus obligatory management services.  Management services will cost you 7.2% plus 6% VAT fees for 1 to 2 properties. The more properties you let with Foxtons, the less VAT you’ll pay. Tenancy agreements come at a flat fee of £450 for a long let and £225 for short lets.

For homeowners looking to sell their property, not rent, Foxton also offers estate agent services and house auctions. An instant valuation lets you know what your property is worth compared to other similar homes in the London area. It also ensures that you list your property at a fair and reasonable price that’s also competitive and gets you top dollar. Foxton promises sellers to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time frame, but as you can see from some reviews below, this isn’t always the case. 

Foxtons does, however, pride itself on having industry-leading technology that reaches more prospective buyers in less time. Your property listing will get major exposure on all the leading property portals, including Rightmove and Zoopla. Sellers that sign up with Foxtons also receive a personal assistant who sees the sale process through from start to finish. Hiring Foxton as your sole agent comes with a 3% fee plus 2.5% in VAT. 

Click here to see a full list of Foxton’s fees so you can compare them to other London agencies and see which services meet your needs and budget.

Services and Fees for Buyers and Renters

Property owners aren’t the only clients that Foxton attracts throughout the London area. Those looking to purchase a home or rental property and tenants looking for lets can also benefit from Foxton’s experience and an extensive list of services. 

Prospective buyers and tenants can use Foxton’s interactive map to find properties in the most desirable areas. Renters can also search for student accommodations, short lets, long lets, and corporate relocation. Buyers have access to mortgage advice and applications, conveyancing services, and property surveys. 

Foxtons also offers plenty of advice and guidance to new buyers and tenants, including area guides that help you find affordable properties fast. All buyers and renters need to register on Foxtons to gain access to their useful tools and cutting-edge technology. Once registered, you’ll log into your personalized dashboard. Here, you can view new listings in real-time, make offers, take virtual tours, and send listing agents messages. 

According to Foxtons, over 800 new rental properties are added every week, giving tenants plenty of options to choose from and increasing their chances of finding the ideal property. Foxtons also works with overseas and corporate clients. Other convenient tools for renters include deposit protection in Government-approved schemes, conflict resolution, and the ability to make real-time offers. 

Prospective buyers can also register with Foxtons to increase the likelihood of finding their next dream home or rental property. Buyers get sneak peeks of properties before they’re officially listed on Rightmove or Zoopla, giving you a leg up on the competition. You’ll also receive alerts any time there’s a price drop, email alerts with new property listings that meet your requirements, and in-person phone calls from agents. 

Foxton Auctions for Buyers and Sellers 

One unique feature about Foxtons is that they offer property auctions that benefit both buyers and sellers. Property owners who can’t find a buyer, don’t live in the same area as their property, or need a quick sale can put their property up for auction using Foxton’s bidding services. According to the site, most properties on auction are sold within 71 days from instruction to exchange. Most properties are subject to the basic commission fees listed above with no additional fees for selling through auction. 

Buyers can also benefit from Foxton’s auctions since they take half as long as traditional sales transactions. You also have more options to choose from since properties auctioned by Foxtons are not just in London and the surrounding areas but from all over the UK. This is a great opportunity for property investors. A comprehensive Auction Pack ensures that all bids are public and that you get a fair shot at placing a winning bid. 

Real Foxton Reviews from Real Clients 

The only way to really know how well Foxton lives up to its promise of being the lead estate and letting agency in London is to hear from real clients who have used (or are currently using) their services. Foxton currently has a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot but only a 1.6-star review on Yelp, indicating that while the agency offers some benefits, it also has some work to do. 

Here are just a few positive and negative reviews from sellers, buyers, renters, and landlords so you can get a better idea of how Foxton rates against other agencies in the industry.

Positive Reviews

I have been working with Foxtons for many years, looking after my rental flat in Clapham. For the last few years, Ashleigh Fisher has been the property manager. I find her to be very thorough, efficient and effective in all aspects of the management of the flat. – Robert Forrester

Special thanks to Tony from the property management APAC team.

So far, he is the most responsible person I know in the management team. In the past year, he not only reported property issues with solutions but also helped me solve problems in the most efficient way.  – Chenguang Tian

I would like to thank Tony Chan from the property management APAC team for the excellent service he has provided for my apartment in London. Tony is highly responsive and always follows through on issues till it is satisfactorily resolved. – KW

You pay for what you get. Super helpful and fast service. Nice and professional staff to work with. Rebecca is a legend, 5-star! – Sherry Xie

Excellent professional service. The team is extensive and skilled. Very proactive and responsive. – Tim Segaller 

Negative Reviews

The website is a lie when it says they help overseas people looking by having single contact and resources. What they do is ignore and then give partial answers and no intelligent help. – Ace F.

If there were a 0, I would mark Foxtons as the worst agency in the world. They could be the best to help you find something but literally disappear afterward. They will not support the Tennant, and it will always be about the landlord’s benefit, even when it is not logical and fair. – Andres R.

Awful service. They made me move in with a broken door, lights and a nonfunctional interphone. 6 months later, they are still broken. I am looking to move out because I am not satisfied at all, but I am stuck with the tenancy and if I move, they will make me pay tons of money (thousands). – Kevin E. 

It is a serious scam. All very nice at the beginning of the contract, then completely unhelpful during the contract. I was left without a working toilet in the flat for weeks, and only when I threatened legal action was I given alternative accommodation. – Guilia N.

I’m with all the other negative reviews. They said they would return my deposit after I gave notice, and then no one ever responded back to me. I tried many times to get a hold of someone, and they passed me from person to person who did nothing. The people that show you the places seem so helpful and kind, but then they disappear too when you ask for some assistance. Do not trust what they tell you. – Elizabeth

Foxton Review: Try It and See for Yourself

Foxton is one of the leading estate agencies in London, but does that mean it’s the best? While some clients swear by the agency’s services, marketing tools, and technology-based website design, others are less than satisfied with the level of service they receive. 

When you deal with a company as large and popular as Foxtons, you reap both the benefits and the downsides. On a positive note, they have a reputation to uphold and years of industry experience. On the downside, they’re managing over 60 offices across the UK, and it doesn’t take much for clients and customers to get lost in the shuffle.

You can try your chances with hiring a Foxton agent or use Rentround’s convenient comparison calculator to find and compare qualified agents in your local area that offer exactly the services you’re looking for at affordable and competitive rates. Click here to give it a try!

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