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Do you need more leads for your agency?

With nearly 19,5000 estate agents currently in the UK vying for clients’ attention, you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to succeed. This can be easier said than done and quite costly, depending on which marketing efforts you choose.

There are also companies dedicated to helping estate agents promote themselves, gather more leads, and land more sales.

One such website is LeadPro. LeadPro is dedicated to helping agents generate, nurture, and convert leads.

This fully integrated lead generation marketing suite is ideal for agents just starting out or established agents looking to drum up more business and expand their reach. 

Are you an agent interested in taking your business and clientele to the next level? Keep reading to learn more about LeadPro and what the company can offer you. 


Are you looking for leads?

Rentround is an estate & letting agent comparison site that generates thousands of leads a month.

Agents can sign up here and get 25% off their first month using code 25LEAD.

Estate & Letting Agent Leads
Sign up to start receiving leads. Get 25% off your first month using code 25LEAD.

LeadPro Products and Pricing 

LeadPro offers a variety of products, packages, and prices to choose from. Agents can select which services they want and need without paying for ones they don’t. Here are some of the company’s best-selling and successful products.

Instant Valuation Tool


This useful tool from LeadPro focuses on converting website visitors (whether generated organically or through your estate agency’s paid ads) and social media followers into new leads. Using Land Registry data, this tool provides accurate, real-time valuations, similary to Nationwide’s house price calculator or Zoopla’s house price calculator . It also supports multiple implementation methods to offer a comprehensive report. 

Estate agents can get started using the instant valuation tool in three easy steps.

  1. Setup: Customize your valuation by uploading your logo, choosing a background image, and incorporating your brand’s colors.
  2. Share: Add your website as a pop-up before sharing it on social media. You can also create a webpage where you start attracting new leads including landlords and vendors.
  3. Follow up: All leads generated by LeadPro’s valuation tool will show up in your personal dashboard. Here, you can easily manage them, make contact, and start scheduling appointments. 

Other unique features of LeadPro’s instant valuation tool include:

  • It’s fully customizable with your logo and brand.
  • It uses multiple implementation methods and options including a pop-up on all web pages, a fully embedded page on your website, or a standalone page.
  • Supports your custom domain name, directing people right to your website.
  • Analytics integration allows you to connect your Google Analytics account or Facebook tracking pixels to monitor all visitors and conversions.
  • All your websites and pages are securely supported using SSL so visitors and leads feel comfortable providing personal information and details.
  • You can customize the tool to provide either lettings or sales valuations (or both).
  • All valuations are provided using up-to-date records and data from the Land Registry so you know they’re accurate.

LeadPros Instant Valuation Tool is priced at just £49 per month. This price includes 50 leads. After that, you pay 21p per lead. Agents can utilize these tools and features without adding additional software to their computers or undergoing a lengthy installation process. 

You’re also not locked into a long-term deal. Instead, LeadPro uses a monthly rolling contract. You can also get started as early as today with same-day set-up and training. 

Lead Responder

The Lead Responder tool allows agents to qualify their leads and convert applicants into customers. Through the website’s dashboard, you can instantly respond to every inquiry to help build your reputation as a responsive agent. 

It’s a sure fire way to increase engagement when sellers & landlords visit your site or read your agency blog.

You can also send applicants a convenient pre-qualification questionnaire to get a better idea of their needs and circumstances. Once completed, you can refer leads and applications directly to your branch network. 

Get started managing your leads and applicants by following these easy steps.

  1. Connect all of your portals in one place. Now, you can advertise across multiple platforms with the click of a button. Right now, LeadPro supports over 20 of the most popular property portals.
  2. Create a questionnaire that asks the questions you want to know. Customize it to your unique services using an email template that fits your business needs. 
  3. Now sit back and watch the leads come in. When they do, they’ll automatically show up on your dashboard. If you configure them with your branch network, leads are automatically assigned to a chosen office.

Other features that make Lead Responder the perfect tool for managing and organizing leads are:

  • Similar to the Instant Valuation Tool, the Lead Generator is fully customizable with your logo and branding colors and features. You can instantly add these to your emails, questionnaire, and other online forms.
  • You can also configure the tool to prequalify leads for either lettings or sales inquiries (or both).
  • Assign leads and inquiries to different offices automatically. Now, clients receive a response faster, making it less likely they’ll search around for another agent.
  • You can easily track which portals generate the most results for your business. You can also track which of your branches and team members have the highest conversion rates and fastest response times. Now, you can allocate more leads to higher-performing offices. 
  • Lead responder alerts you to all inquiries, regardless of the day or time so you never miss out on a potential lead.
  • You can pre-qualify applicants, helping you prioritize which ones need your services most and when. Sort by applicants looking to sell, let, or apply for a mortgage. This knowledge lets you offer the right services at the right time.

Agents can unlock all the benefits of Lead Responder for just  £39 per month. This price includes managing 300 leads. After this, you’ll need to pay 4p per lead. Similar to most of LeadPro’s services, you’ll receive same-day set-up and training. You aren’t locked into a monthly fee and implementing the Lead Responder doesn’t require additional software or complicated installation. 

Auto Caller

Another useful tool for connecting and responding to leads in real-time is LeadPro’s Auto Caller feature. Autocaller lets you connect with your leads by phone the minute you receive an inquiry email. This means getting to your leads before your competitors. You’ll also see a boost in your customer service ratings. If your agency runs multiple branches and offices, you can see which ones respond first and produce the most conversions. 

Just as easy as other services on LeadPro’s platform, you can get started with Auto Caller on the same day and in three easy-to-follow steps.

  1. A vendor requests a valuation through one of the available property portals.
  2. Auto Caller instantly calls one of your offices and leaves a message with all of the lead’s details.
  3. You can either press 1 to accept the call and make contact with the client immediately or press 2 to reject it. 

In addition to providing leads with a quick response and weeding out those that don’t interest or serve you, Auto Caller offers other benefits, including:

  • Auto Caller lets you connect multiple lead sources at once, combining some of the most popular property portals including Rightmove Local Valuations Alerts, Rightmove Local Valuations Alerts, LeadPro’s Instant Valuation Leads, and more.
  • Create a positive first impression by responding to email inquiries faster than your competitors.
  • Improve the customer experience by seeing which branches and team members are performing best, responding first, and producing the highest conversion rates. With this information, you can create a set of rules for how to manage leads and customize these guidelines to each office or branch location. 

While being the first to respond and convert leads faster than other agents is priceless, you can still secure these services through LeadPro for just £82.50 per month. This includes 150 minutes of call time and just 4p per minute after that. With no lock-in and a rolling monthly contract, you can try Auto Caller for a month and see if the benefits are worth the price. Same-day setup and training are also available with no software needed and no lengthy installation.

Facebook Advertising

With nearly 3 billion users, virtually everyone is on Facebook – and you should be too. If you want to reach more leads and generate more interest in your agency, LeadPro’s Facebook Advertising services may be worth a second look.

Not only will you generate qualified valuation leads but you can target certain vendors and landlords. Facebook advertising also lets you increase brand awareness with your target audience in mind. This automated service will help nurture and convert leads into valuations. 

There are a few things you need to do to get this advertising tool off the ground.

  1. First, you need to book a discovery call with one of LeadPro’s marketing experts. During this call, you’ll take an in-depth look at how your business is run and what your goals are to create a bespoke marketing strategy.
  2. Next, LeadPro’s team will create an account for you and set up everything from the ad campaign to configuring your account’s business manager. All of these steps are done to ensure your agency gets the best results. 
  3. Once your advertising campaign is in place, you’ll start to receive inquiries from qualified leads directly through the dashboard. Here, you can manage and organize them, assign them to specific offices, and follow up accordingly. 

LeadPro’s Facebook Advertising services do more than just reach thousands of potential leads on one of the world’s largest social media platforms. It also helps you:

  • Better understand your business goals and challenges to craft the best message to your target audience.
  • Track and monitor how your audience reacts to your advertisements. LeadPro creates specialized back-end systems that monitor your audience’s behavior and then use this information to optimize your ad’s performance. 
  • LeadPro’s in-house marketing team incorporates the best images and videos into your ad campaign to capture your audience’s attention and increase brand awareness. 
  • LeadPro doesn’t just “set it and forget it” when it comes to creating a Facebook ad that meets your needs and expectations. Instead, they test multiple ads until they find the one that will maximize your efforts and generate the most leads. The team also uses Facebook analytics to adjust their marketing efforts and deliver the best results. 
  • You’ll receive bi-weekly reports and check-in videos that detail the ad’s progress and any changes that were made. Agents never have to guess how their advertising budget is being spent. 

Priced at £300 per month, you’ll receive quality automated lead generation, increased market share, and brand awareness. Your advertising campaign is created and managed by a dedicated expert of the LeadPro team. 


The LeadPro dashboard is where it all happens. The user-friendly dashboard lets you access all of your account information in one convenient location. Here, you can make adjustments that increase your revenue and help you uncover hidden opportunities. Each dashboard configuration is tailored to the individual agency, making it highly customizable and easy to manage. 

Getting started on LeadPros’ dashboard is easy. 

  1. Simply create an account and unlock instant access to your dashboard and lead management tools.
  2. Once your account is active, you can easily link all of your property portals and web pages to your dashboard to create a seamless transition.
  3. From here, you can manage all of your leads from one place. Assign appropriate tasks to the right team members, update the client’s status, and refer them to different branches if needed. No more clicking back and forth from one portal to another.

Other features of LeadPro’s convenient dashboard include:

  • Gaining increased visibility of all your leads in one place.
  • The ability to manage all of your leads from one place. Assign the right office, teammember, or branch for the job and update the client’s status along the way. If you’re not ready to contact a lead right away, you can set a reminder to do it at a later time.
  • The LeadPro dashboard provides built-in analytics to give you an in-depth look at how each of your branches is performing. The results are generated using how many valuations they booked, what leads are converting best, and other lead volumes based on the day and location. 
  • LeadPro’s dashboard integrates with most CRM systems including MRI Radar and Reapit Foundations. Now, you can send all lead details to your CRM system with a single click of a button. 

The best part of LeadPro’s dashboard is that it’s free to access for the first user. Additional users can be added for £16 per month. 


Software Integration

Another feature that makes LeadPro so easy to use is the platform’s integration capabilities. This makes LeadPro compatible with most other software programs. It also integrates with most CRMs as mentioned above. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of which software and CRMs support LeadPro.

  • Autopilot
  • Acquaint CRM
  • Jupix
  • Drip
  • Reapit
  • Zapier
  • Agent OS
  • MRI Real Estate Software

LeadPro also offers custom integration for those in need.


What Customers Have to Say About LeadPro

To truly know how well LeadPro works at generating and managing leads, helping build brand awareness, and simplifying the response process, you need to hear what real customers have to say.

Here are some estate agent experiences recorded on the LeadPro website.

  • “LeadPro is great. It helps us on a daily basis to easily manage our leads in a time and cost-effective way. It’s a must-have for any estate agent.”
  • “LeadPro saves us so much time since we receive pre-vetted information on all applicants.”
  • “As business owners, we love having all of our leads from all sources in one place. And knowing our staff can use the LeadPro tools to manage leads in the best way possible is fantastic.”

There are only a few other reviews for LeadPro online and those are also positive, with users giving the company at least 4 out of 5-stars. The top noted features included the platform’s ease of use and functionality. One user did note that after uploading files to the LeadPro dashboard that they were difficult to find since there was no standard way of identifying or naming them.


Utilizing the Benefits of LeadPro

As a lead generation marketing tool, LeadPro makes generating, receiving, and managing leads easier than ever. Compatible with most software and CRMs, you can implement any of LeadPro’s services easily and seamlessly. With no lock-in fees, you can try a few of their services to see which one(s) yields the best results. 

You’ll also receive valuable insight into how your branch offices are performing and which teams need improving. Investing in LeadPro is an investment in the overall success of your agency and brand.


Lead Pro FAQ

What is LeadPro?

LeadPro is a fully integrated lead generation and marketing suite. The site is designed to help estate agents generate, nurture, and convert leads. LeadPro helps landlords perform property valuations, and interact with leads. Features include an auto caller option, advertising on Facebook, and a user-friendly dashboard.

How do LeadPro estate agents get leads?

Most agents generate leads through various advertising efforts and platforms. By joining websites like Rentround, agents gain increased exposure and access to thousands of prospective clients. Landlords use the Rentround platform to find and compare local agents that offer help with property listings, advertising, and management.

How does LeadPro work?

LeadPro helps estate agents generate and nurture leads from various outside sources including social media, the agent’s own websites, and popular property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove. Using the online suite, agents can convert website visitors and social media followers into leads, convert applicants into instructions, and respond to all inquiries instantly. LeadPro provides the necessary platform and tools to fully manage potential leads and offer services that convert them into clients.

Is LeadPro worth it?

According to most online reviews, LeadPro is worth it. The interactive and easy-to-use suite puts agents in control of their entire customer base and online reputation. Agents that use LeadPro can manage all their leads in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Estate & Letting Agent Leads
Sign up to start receiving leads. Get 25% off your first month using code 25LEAD.

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